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Black seed oil market to amass colossal proceeds from personal care & cosmetics applications, Germany to emerge as a major regional contender

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2019-09-04Request Sample

Over the recent years, black seed oil market has been gaining renewed traction, given the increasing number of consumers turning to the natural approach for health and beauty. With wellness at the forefront of the masses, as of today, black seed (Nigella sativa) oil is trending as the new superfood ingredient that provides exceptional skin care and health benefits. As such new ingredients are starting to make inroads, industry experts predict several players to go the whole hog to capitalize on the rapidly widening trend by investing in R&D programs and new product launches to cater to the surge in demand.

Recently for instance, a Rutgers University research team has found that an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound of black seed oil, thymoquinone, can effectively offer new options in skin care. The researchers have found that thymoquinone can be delivered to skin fat through polymer films. Moreover, the black seed oil compound can also be used in low concentrations in cosmetic face creams to provide both cosmetic and therapeutic advantages.

Similar applications of black seed oil are found in skin care products that are used to protect skin from harmful radicals as well as in creams for treating skin redness, irritation or uncomfortable dry skin problems. If industry experts are to be believed, as patients and consumers are looking for effective natural ingredients while choosing any beauty treatment related to skin and hair, the global black seed oil market from personal care & cosmetic application is certain to garner lucrative proceeds in the ensuing years.

It is prudent to mention that Germany is one of the lucrative investment grounds for black seed oil industry players, given the flourishing personal care and cosmetic sector of the region. The oil is used in variety of personal care products including massage oils, shampoos, fragrances, and soaps – the growing regional demand of which is driving the market growth. Estimates claim that Germany black seed oil market from personal care & cosmetic application is set to register a CAGR of 6% over 2019-2025.  

Besides cosmetics, the global black seed oil market is also witnessing profitable growth avenues from dietary supplements and the pharmaceutical sector. Presence of essential micro components including proteins, calcium, mystric & steric acid, folate, iron, zinc, copper and vitamins B1, B2, B3 have allowed the product to have application as functional food and herbal medicine in these sectors. With black seeds being a power house of abundant nutrients, several nutrition supplement brands are seen improving their production capacity, process standardization, and extraction technique - the trend especially influencing the U.S. black seed oil market, which is estimated to witness a demand of over 130 tons by 2025 from nutraceutical applications.

An instance bearing testimony to the same is of the U.S. based company Barrington Nutritionals, that introduced a cold-pressed black seed oil standardized to 3% thymoquinone in December 2018. Dubbed as ThymoQuin, the oil is developed without the use of solvents & heat and in fact uses slow, cold-press extraction process that yields high quality thymoquinone content. The product has also demonstrated the potential to cure inflammation, bites, sores, and rashes as well as high BP, diabetes, headache, dizziness, flu, and eczema.

In the more recent years, the global black seed oil market is also witnessing robust demand from the healthcare sector to treat asthma and cancer. As reported by World Health (WHN), thymoquinone has shown positive results in modulating almost nine out of the ten hallmarks of cancer. This has further triggered more research and development into thymoquinone for adjuvants to pharmaceutical cancer treatments. With black cumin seed oils playing an important role as cancer killers and immune enhancers, several black seed oil industry players have improved their production capacity and are strengthening their presence across the globe.

It has been reported that growing product usage in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector is further set to fuel the capsule nigella sativa demand. Given the advantage of easy intake and digestion, estimates claim that capsule based black seed oil market to generate USD 1.5 million by 2025. It is imperative to mention that India and Egypt are among the leading producers of black seed oil and the product is largely used in culinary applications for taste, flavor, aroma, and health benefits. Also known as black cumin (kalonji), black seeds are widely used as a spice in curries, naan, breads, and bakery products in both the countries. With large-scale black seed farming and easy availability of raw material, India and Egypt are hot investment grounds for black seed oil manufacturers. Some of the top global companies operating in this business sphere include AOS Products Private Limited, Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH, Flavex Aromats, Manish Agro, and Z-company. 

It is quite evident from all the aforementioned trends that use of naturally-occurring agents in overall wellbeing is nothing but to proliferate the black seed oil market demand in the coming years. Furthermore, positive results in treating cancer and other serious health problems, is in turn expected to herald massive R&D and investment trends in this market. According to a report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the global black seed oil industry is anticipated to surpass a valuation of USD 25 million by 2025.

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