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Amylases Brewing Enzymes market to accrue huge gains over 2017-2024, APAC to majorly influence the regional demand

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Advanced Enzymes Technologies Limited, one of the renowned participants in brewing enzymes market, has set a landmark across the enzymes fraternity with the purchase of JC Biotech, fermentation & biotech firm based in India. The buyout will enlarge its scope of growth across the enzymes market and help it to set foothold in the biopharmaceutical industry. Enzymes find plethora of applications across myriad segments such as dairy processing, baking, health care, malting & brewing, textile processing, and specialties. The move is anticipated to generate high returns for the firm and will inspire other business players to follow the suit. Large intake of beer and alcoholic drinks across the globe is slated to the leverage Brewing Enzymes Market trends.

U.S. Amylases Brewing Enzymes Market Size, By Function, 2016 & 2024 (Tons)
U.S. Amylases Brewing Enzymes Market Size, By Function, 2016 & 2024 (Tons)

In the past, brewing activity was witnessed across small breweries & pubs that relied on original yeasts for beer fermentation. This helped the breweries to produce beer with a unique taste & flavor. But the brewing process of fermenting beers was hampered due to discrepancy as well as low scalability. Due to the constant mutations in the yeast, it has become difficult to provide consistent flavor to the beer since yeast majorly affects the distinctive flavor of beer. Today, brewers are looking forward to developing yeast for brewing with rise in the hop-accentuating enzymes production that will change the taste and fragrance of various beers. Another trait to produce exceptional beer flavors is to use commercial strains. These are the few favorable changes that can be brought in yeast to enrich the flavor of beer and this will catalyze the brewing market. It is obvious from the above-mentioned instances that brewing enzymes industry is likely to sketch a growth curve more inclined towards the positive axis.

Joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions have enabled the industry giants to support its enzyme research programs. This has indirectly affected the expansion of brewing enzymes market. Way back in 2012, Royal DSM had made a deal with Verenium Corporation, a U.S. based biotechnology firm, to acquire the latter’s oilseed processing unit. Through the acquisition DSM has supported its enzyme innovations activities across food & beverages industry. The ingredients behemoth also acquired the exclusive licensing rights of alpha-amylase and xylanase enzymes. In 2011, DSM had entered into a joint agreement with Yixing QianCheng Bio-Engineering Company Limited, a Chinese Biotech firm, that permitted the former to set up its first enzyme production plant in China. The joint agreement was based on the objective to produce enzymes for brewing and other industries in China and various other Asian regions. As recent as September 2016, Novozymes A/S, most respected name in biotechnology industry, acquired Organobalance GmbH, a German-based firm focusing on microbial screening & assay development, to build new microbial technologies aligning with its business goals.  These strategic moves are expected to bring profound business success for the industry giants and will open new growth landscape for brewing enzymes industry.

Regional Highlights of brewing enzymes industry:

  • U.S. has been experience a rise in the beer production since past few years with rise in the number of manufacturers across the country. Adding to this, the rising popularity of alcoholic beverages has supported the production of beer across North America, with the U.S. accounting for more than 220 million hectoliters of beer production in 2016. All these aforementioned factors are expected to complement North America brewing enzymes market growth.
  • Speaking on parallel terms, Europe brewing enzymes market will demonstrate profitable gain with increase in the beer intake and low beer prices being major driving factors.
  • It has been witnessed that socio-economic conditions across Asia Pacific have favored large-scale beer production as compared to its other regional counterparts. Additionally, high purchasing capacity resulting in changes in lifestyle dynamics of the populations of India and China, is projected to have a lasting impact on Asia Pacific brewing enzymes market, which will grow at a rate of 6.5% over 2017-2024.

However, drastically oscillating raw material prices with escalating reliance on agricultural items will adversely impact the enzymes costs, thereby hampering the product penetration. Fluctuating temperatures and pH properties will further pose a challenge to brewing enzymes industry growth.

In spite of its proposed inadequacies, brewing enzymes market is projected to draw a favorably remunerative growth diagram over the years ahead. This assumption aligns with the experts claim about this market – as per the market research professionals, brewing enzymes industry has been estimated to accrue remarkable monetary gains worth USD 390 million by 2024.

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