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Clinical nutrition market to garner lucrative receipts via upgraded product launches over 2018-2024, rising prevalence of R&D activities to signify the strategic landscape

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Over the last few decades, the clinical nutrition market share has witnessed an exceptional pace of augmentation owing to a marked upsurge in the number of metabolic disorders, rapidly growing geriatric population, and the rising quantum of premature births across the globe. Moreover, increasing incidences of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, which essentially deprive patients of numerous nutrients, has inevitably assisted the major clinical nutrition industry contenders to reach a wider consumer base across developed and emerging nations. This has, in consequence, proliferated the revenue share of clinical nutrition market quite significantly with the total valuation of this business space estimated at USD 43.9 billion in 2016.


China Clinical Nutrition MarketBy Product, 2013 - 2024(USD Billion)
China Clinical Nutrition Market, By Product, 2013 - 2024(USD Billion)


In response to the pressing need to formulate advanced dietary products, the renowned clinical nutrition industry participants are allotting a sizeable portion of their financial resources toward supporting research programs. Citing a recent instance, Fresenius Kabi, the leading Germany based healthcare provider has recently announced the Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant Latin America to promote research undertakings and encourage the development of effective solutions pertaining to the therapeutic fraternity in clinical nutrition industry.

It would be prudent to state that around 74 percent of hospitalized adults across Latin American nations are moderately or severely malnourished, as per the findings recorded in a study conducted by Fresenius Kabi as part of its ‘United for clinical nutrition’ initiative. Reportedly, the announcement of the latest grant is in line with the firm’s commitment to ramp up and sustain the research activities that would address the challenges pertaining to the nutrition of hospitalized adult patients in Latin American countries.

Commencing in October 2018, the grant aims to support two years of research at an institution that has been working on an original project related to clinical nutrition. If reports are to be believed, the findings derived from the research project would then be announced at the Latin American Congress of Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Therapy, and Metabolism (FELANPE) in the year 2020.  

During the past century, an overall improvement in the understanding of nutrition has undeniably aided a sizeable chunk of the global population to relish healthier and longer lives and be more productive members of the society. In this regard, the prominent clinical nutrition market contenders have played a vital role in strengthening the overall healthcare outcomes by unveiling an all-inclusive range of products over the recent years. Nestle Health Science for instance, has launched a new enhanced version of its Compleat® range of tube-feeding formulas for children and adults. The latest formulas, named as Compleat®, Compleat® Pediatric Reduced Calorie, and Compleat® Pediatric, are reportedly a convenient on-the-go nutritional solutions given that they can be utilized as a base for a home blenderized diet.

Constituted with a variety of vegetable ingredients including carrots, green beans, peaches, peas, and tomatoes coupled with additional minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, the latest products address the evolving needs of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Concurrently, Nestle Health Sciences has further claimed that the new Compleat® formulas can be utilized as an exclusive source of nutrition for short and long-term nutritional therapy routines – a factor that would assist these newly launched products to gain prominence in the fast-evolving clinical nutrition market.

With the emergence of modern medical technologies and a steady increase in the understanding of underlying causes of chronic diseases, the product landscape of the global clinical nutrition industry is bound to undergo a significant transformation over the forthcoming years. Moreover, the importance of appropriate nutrition in treating and preventing acute and chronic illnesses is being increasingly emphasized by healthcare practitioners across the globe. Add to it, the rapid advances being made in nutritional research would result in the widescale adoption of personalized nutrition strategies across healthcare institutions which would eventually have an optimistic impact on the growth prospects of clinical nutrition market in the times to come.


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