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Doors market to generate considerable valuation via commercial infrastructure applications over 2017-2024

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2017-10-16Request Sample

The growing deployment of building regulations to maintain standards for construction, design, and renovation of buildings will stimulate doors market. Speaking of which, the regional governments of various European countries have enforced stringent norms to maintain security and safety standards in all buildings. In the UK for instance, if the installation of doors, windows, and other components does not comply with the set regulations, then the owner and building developer are both liable to face legal prosecution. In order to avoid the same, consumers and building developers have been complying with the set norms while developing residential and commercial infrastructure projects, which would considerably drive doors market share. Pertaining to the deployment of regulatory norms and the escalating construction and renovation activities, in 2016, doors industry size was pegged at USD 90 billion.


U.S. Doors Market Size, By Material, 2016 & 2024 (Million Units)
U.S. Doors Market Size, By Material, 2016 & 2024 (Million Units)

Several regulatory bodies and governments across the globe have been enforcing various legislative norms for consumer safety. The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), for instance, has compiled a set of regulations that companies must follow to ensure the safety of employees during natural disasters, fires, and terrorism. OSHA has also mandated the use of exit doors for vacating the building quickly during emergencies. In order to comply with these norms, most of the commercial builders and industry developers have been incorporating fire and exit doors, which will prove to be a lucrative growth avenue for doors industry. In addition, OSHA has compiled a rating scale for fire doors, depending on the number of occupants and floors in the building, which would further impel doors industry landscape in the forthcoming years.

In order to manufacture the products in accordance with regulatory norms, the giants in doors market are increasingly focusing on the development of innovative and advanced products such as alarm operated automatic sliding doors. As per the estimates, sliding doors market will register an annual growth rate of more than 4.5% over the coming years, owing to the growing product installation in commercial and residential sectors, pertaining to their characteristics such as light weight, sound proofing, ease of installation, air tight insulation, and slimline design. Speaking along similar lines, the renowned players in doors market are Lixil Group, Andersen Corporation, Gilgen, Schüco, JELD-WEN Holding, Inc., YKK, Entrematic Group, Pella, Marvin, Stanley Access Technologies, and Masco.

Recently, the research team of Bircher Reglomat made it to the headlines for having brought forth an advanced door technology – a radio transmitter assisted door, which may help to avoid the possibility of accidents in the industrial working environment. In this kind of radio transmission system, when a door opens, the transmitter transmits the signal through the receiver control, instantly stopping the door, which would perpetually provide comprehensive risk protection for all employees. On these grounds, companies have been increasingly giving preference to the automated doors, which will fuel overall doors industry share over the years ahead.

The France doors market is witness to the Standard EN 16005 that was deployed in 2013, with the inclusion of the clause of manufacturing and designing of automatic doors. With reference to this standard, Softica, one of renowned French automatic door designers and manufacturers has been designing, manufacturing, and installing various types of automatic doors across the nation. Focusing on the legislative norms and consumer preferences, this France based door manufacturer has implemented technologically advanced features in the doors such as an emergency door opening system incorporated with battery-operated, manual, and shock cord trigger system. These shifting trends toward the usage of reliable and user-friendly door systems is likely to stimulate doors market size.

Apart from France, across some of the European countries such as Switzerland and UK, the government has mandated the installation of fire resistant doors. Pertaining to the appropriate need of fire doors in various commercial structures, in addition to the fact that fire doors play a significant role in the fire safety and fortification of buildings, building developers across the Europe are increasingly installing fire doors in new as well as existing buildings.

One of emerging trends across doors industry is the launch of energy efficient doors, which most governmental bodies have been mandating of late, to be used in residential sectors. Taking into account the positive impact of energy efficient doors, the consumers are increasingly demanding the installation of these doors in building and interior designs, which is slated influence doors industry trends.

The robust growth in the industrial as well as commercial sector is one of the driving forces of doors market. Pertaining to the deployment of strict governmental norms and innovative infrastructural developments across various countries such as UAE, China, US, and Mexico, the demand for doors is certain to observe a massive surge. Global Market Insights, Inc, estimates worldwide doors market to surpass a revenue collection of USD 140 billion by the end of 2024.

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