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Ethyl Polysilicate Market to register appreciable proceeds from the paints & coatings sector

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Increasing infrastructural development activities coupled with heavy government spending will propel ethyl polysilicate market expansion in the years ahead. In order to strengthen the economy, many governmental bodies have been working to develop industrial corridors and the tourism sector that will further impel market trends. The rising population and high rate of rural to urban migrations will create new opportunities for the housing sector. The overall expenditure on infrastructure is likely to stimulate ethyl polysilicate market outlook over the years ahead.

Ethyl polysilicate is alternatively called as ethyl silicate, and possesses different properties with varying weight percentage of silica. For instance, ethyl polysilicate 32 is known for its quick drying property due to which it is extensively as a cross-linking agent. Its utilization in cold and damp areas to bind two surfaces with shear strength may foster product demand in the coming future.

U.S Ethyl Polysilicate 28 market Size, By Application, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)
U.S Ethyl Polysilicate 28 market Size, By Application, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)

Driven by high adhesive power and excellent cross-linking properties, ethyl polysilicate has become an ideal base ingredient for paints. The moisture resistant characteristics of ethyl polysilicate allows the paint on wall surfaces to remain intact for a longer time. This may help to solve the problem of paint peeling off the wall surfaces due to moisture and water leakages in the building. The increasing demand for ethyl silicate from the paints industry to incorporate it in paint products will positively impact ethyl polysilicate market share over the forecast period.

Ethyl polysilicate, when used as a liquid solution has an ability to penetrate in porous building materials and get transformed into silica after curing. It has the property to remove air pores and water vapor from concrete blocks which makes it ideal to be used in any concrete block processing facility. Surging use of binding materials to protect and re-enforce concrete structures is likely to fuel ethyl polysilicate industry size over 2019-2025.

Organic compounds derived from ethyl polysilicate are used for different purposes like optical glass processing, insulating electronics components, and to produce binding materials for varied applications. In operations where a sealed environment is required to be maintained for improving shelf life, ethyl polysilicate is used massively. This is more specifically true for the pharmaceutical sector – companies often demand airtight packaging on a large scale for providing a sterilized environment for medicine and injection safety. Growing demand for metal containers and storage bags to curb contamination of pathogens and bacteria medicinal products will further propel market trends.

Despite having a wide range of benefits, ethyl polysilicate leads to many health hazards. It can produce irritation in the eyes and the respiratory track after inhalation in high concentration. It also has an anesthetic effect, which if prolonged can lead to death. Also, its highly flammable nature can result in fire accidents and other mishaps. Considering the hazards associated with its usage and exposure to environment, ethyl polysilicate market contenders have been investing heavily to introduce novel products sans the material’s negative impact.

Speaking about regional trends, myriad countries have been focusing on infrastructure development on a large scale in recent times. Emerging economies like India have been witnessing huge infrastructural enhancement opportunities owing to rapid industrialization and urbanization trends. According to economic survey of 2018-2019, India needs to double its annual spending on infrastructure, accounting almost $200 billion annually, to achieve its target of being a $10 trillion economy by 2032. Rising infrastructural development trends across developing nations will propel ethyl polysilicate market size.

The exponentially growing population across urban areas along with surging demands to build public infrastructure will drive high investments in construction over the coming years. The involvement of biggies to innovate new ranges of eco-friendly products will further accelerate industry share. Global Market Insights, Inc., estimates that ethyl polysilicate market will generate revenue of more than USD 670 million by 2025.

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