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4 chief trends boosting Europe automotive start-stop battery market over 2019-2025

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2019-10-23Request Sample

Highly channelized by the transforming trends across the automotive industry, Europe automotive start-stop battery market growth trajectory is poised to witness a marked ascent during 2019-2025. This market proliferation can be credited to the increasing demands for fuel efficient automobiles across the region.

Introduction to stringent air pollution regulations addressing the concerns pertaining to high toxic emissions is further reported to stimulate the industry growth in the upcoming years.

A paradigm shift towards the adoption of passenger and commercial vehicles with comparatively low environmental impact has provided an impetus to the industry growth. In addition to that, ongoing initiatives promoting decarbonization and electrification in the European economy are likely to foster the product demand leading to the thrust in the business dynamics by 2025.

Additionally, surging deployment of start-stop technology & regenerative braking systems across various vehicles with an intent to augmenting the fuel consumption will have a positive impact on the industry expansion in the ensuing years.

Further, Europe automotive start-stop battery market trends are potentially affected by the product key features such as low raw material costs, high feasibility of lead, and robust engineering expertise. Also, following are the trends that have been inducing a positive upsurge to the Europe automotive start-stop battery industry:  

Rising demands for AGM start-stop battery

Massively driven by the burgeoning needs for high performance automobile batteries, the AGM start-stop battery segment is poised to exhibit remarkable gains over the forecast period. This is ascribed to the battery’s ability to offer exceptional cranking performance and authentic and secured operations during extreme climatic conditions.

Moreover, elevating demands for premium range automobiles, in tandem with rising installation of electrical and electronic equipment across the vehicles would complement the market growth over the span of seven years.

On the other hand, Europe automotive start-stop battery industry size is also chiefly driven by EFBs which are expected to garner considerable proceeds by the end of 2025 on the grounds of their ability to display superior charge acceptance and improved deep cycle resistance.

Surging adoption of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Endorsed by the concerns related to toxic carbon emissions form automobiles, the countries across Europe are expansively adopting hybrid electric vehicles to cater to the sustainable environmental norms.

Expediting efforts towards the hybridization and electrification of the automobile powertrain in accordance to the initiatives toward economically viable manufacturing are anticipated to drive the market size over the foreseeable time period.

Not to mention, mounting tax benefits and subsidy programs would further augment the industry outlook by 2025. 

Expansive use of passenger vehicles

The passenger vehicle market across the Europe region is progressively growing on the account of increasing integration of start-stop technology across myriad PVs. Breakout in regional population and high per capita income is also accelerating the product penetration across the region.

Proliferating R&D investments supporting the manufacturing of environment friendly vehicles is probable to fuel the industry development.

High economic affluences in Turkey

Speaking in terms of geographical standards, Turkey stands out to be a major revenue ground for Europe automotive start-stop battery industry in the regional hierarchy. This growth is attributed to the high economic affluences and strong macro-economic growth.

Furthermore, cost competitive labor workforce, strong investment support, and high production of vehicles is claimed to bolster the product adoption, thereby empowering the business growth.

Robust presence of R&D facilities across the region is stated to influence the business share.

The competitive landscape of Europe automotive start-stop battery industry is rather fragmented. In this competitive scenario, various industry mammoths such as Mutlu, Erdil Battery, NorthStar, and multiple others, are looking forward to devising various tactics to sustain their geographical presence across the region. This would allow the Europe automotive start-stop battery industry size to account for nearly USD 3 billion by the end of seven years term.

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