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Europe Geogrids Market to be extensively driven by the growing sustainable infrastructural projects, overall consumption to exceed 310 million m^2 by 2024

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With European consensus on sustainable economic development gaining momentum post 2015, Europe geogrids market demand has considerably heightened over the recent years. The signature Paris agreement in the year 2015 toward establishing a low carbon society marked a milestone not only for the Europe Economy but also for the world. With the European Union having already made a pledge of reducing carbon emissions by almost 40% by 2030, Europe geogrids industry is set to attain remarkable proceeds. Perhaps marred by the fact that construction domain accounts for a major chunk of these harmful emissions, sustainable infrastructure is being increasingly gaining preference in European economy. With the way the regional government is pushing toward clean energy with the increased utilization of smart technologies, it is certain that geogrids industry in Europe would procure considerable revenue over the ensuing years.

Germany Geogrids Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Million Square Meters)
Germany Geogrids Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Million Square Meters)

In the last half a decade the regional marketplace has gained remarkable proceeds with the extensive profiling of geosynthetics application. During this period, there have been huge contemporary innovations in grid like geosynthetic materials, giving lucrative opportunities to Europe geogrids industry from road reinforcing and retaining wall construction applications. The product’s excellent load bearing capacity, durability, and erosion control capabilities make it suitable for various high-tensile constructional applications. With increasing number of such public infrastructural projects onboard across Germany, UK, and Poland, Europe geogrids industry is slated to witness meteoric rise in the years ahead.  In this regard, Europe’s M1 Highway Asphalt Reinforcement with geogrids has recently made its way to the headlines. 

For the uninitiated, the M1 Highway is a major European route, connecting Warsaw and Moscow. When a problematic cracking was found along the Brest – Moscow portion of the highway, experts recommended the crack to be sealed by a geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement solution.  Asphaltex GLASS (50/50)-40 from Machina-TST, the well wrap knitted glass fiber geogrids was reportedly selected for the project. For the records, this advanced geogrid structure boasts of a portfolio of excellent thermal as well as chemical resistivity, that makes it ideal for various high temperature asphalt laying works. Sources further claim that this asphalt reinforced geogrid solution not just provides high tensile strength to roadway but also ensures strong adhesion to asphalt layering, subject to its bitumen impregnated structure.  The project reflects how extensive research in asphalt reinforcement has opened up new growth avenues for Europe geogrids industry.

Speaking of the product front, uniaxial geogrids observed a huge popularity in the European market, primarily on account of its widespread deployment in reinforcement and constructional activities. In fact, they are also often utilized in minimizing the refractive cracking in parking lots and runways. Inherent properties like low maintenance, high longitudinal tensile strength, and versatility certainly adds to its market value. As per estimates, Europe uniaxial geogrids market held a revenue of USD 185 million in 2017The biaxial geogrids industry in Europe is also expected to gear over the ensuing years, with extensive soil stabilization, subbase reinforcement, and foundation engineering projects.  As per estimates, this particular business vertical is likely to procure 20% of the regional market share by 2024.

While geogrids inherently provide compelling solutions for sustainable infrastructure, the fullest potential of geogrids market in Europe can only be achieved through continuous innovation and development of better-performing products. In the face of the growing clean energy targets in Europe, European leaders have committed to offer sustainable economic development. Product innovations via strategic collaboration is one of the fundamental strategies being adopted by the regional geogrids market players to reach these ambitious goals. With economic recovery and subsequently expanding constructional sector, Europe geogrids market is claimed to emerge as one of the most remunerative business spaces in infrastructural space. Global Market Insights, Inc. forecasts the market to exceed a valuation of USD 460 million by 2024.

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