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Increase in alcohol consumption to fuel fermentation defoamer market trends

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Touted as a remarkable component within the healthcare, food products and beverage sectors, fermentation defoamers market is slated to witness substantial growth in the forthcoming years. Rising demand from the pharmaceutical sector for the manufacturing of antibiotics, therapeutic proteins, and gene therapy vectors has sustained the consumption of these substances. Growing consumption of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and whiskey, will further expand global fermentation defoamers industry size.

North America Fermentation Defoamer Market Size, By Product, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)
North America Fermentation Defoamer Market Size, By Product, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million) ?

Over the past decade the healthcare landscape has changed significantly, as considerable efforts have been directed towards improving the industrial fermentation process, which is extensively used in the production of antibiotics such as tetracyclines and penicillin. According to prominent reports, shortage of a vital form of penicillin since 2015 affected at least 39 countries, including India, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the US. Increasing unavailability of such important antibiotics and proliferation of chronic and lethal diseases among growing population will coerce production of antibiotics, in turn accelerating fermentation defoamers market trends.

Drug delivery systems are some of the rapidly thriving products in the healthcare segment today.  Pharmaceutical companies are seeking to encourage innovations in various fields of medicine, from drug discovery to novel delivery methods and receive market approval. Substances like silicon-based fermentation defoamers are widely used in many different healthcare applications including heart valves, intraocular lenses, consumer care products, and finger joints. Gradually rising healthcare expenditure will certainly improve fermentation defoamer market forecast.

In terms of the food and beverage sector, Asia Pacific fermentation defoamers market will register a notable growth rate over the projected period. Rapid developments in food and beverage products and production process will expand the use of defoamers as an additive to prevent the formation of foam in instant foods. In addition, the region is a leading consumer of pharmaceuticals of all kind. This will not only augment the consumption of  fermentation defoamers in the region, but also supplement the growth of food sector. Studies reveal that Asia Pacific fermentation defoamer market size will exceed USD 700 million by 2025.

Silicone is presently used in a broad range of pharmaceutical applications and in a large number of consumer skin care products. Due to unique physiochemical properties, it is commonly used in various oral anti-flatulent remedies and skin protectant creams and ointments. Silicone technologies that are widely known to provide great moisturizing effect, water repellency, low surface tension, safety and nontoxicity have tremendously improved drug delivery efficacy. Continuous developments and expanded use of defoamers based on silicone will create enormous opportunities for fermentation defoamer industry players.

Fermentation defoamers are broadly used in the beverage segment for producing varieties of alcoholic beverages like wine, whisky, beer. The substance is suited for application during fermentation of the drinks to prevent excessive foam formation. Evidently, alcoholic beverages segment could account for a major share of the overall market owing to the higher consumption among people in developed as well as emerging economies. Subsequently, the revenue graph of fermentation defoamer industry will climb enormously from the demand for new alcoholic products.

Hydrite Chemical Co., an integrated supplier and manufacturer of chemicals and related services, had recently announced its collaboration with Archangel to expand its product offering by adding antibiotics to its current product line, which includes antimicrobial and antibiotic-free solutions. Hydrite offers both non-antibiotic and antibiotic antimicrobial technology for fermentation and propagation ethanol processes. Similar partnerships and acquisitions globally, to meet the growing product demand across various geographies, which will considerably influence fermentation defoamers industry outlook.

Owing to fast-track innovations in pharmaceutical segment and consistent demand for alcoholic beverages, the application of fermentation defoamers will rise substantially. Key players constituting the industry’s competitive landscape are Momentive Performance Materials, Wacker Chemie AG, Dow Corning, Shin-Etsu Chemical Company, SIXIN NORTH AMERICA, Inc., ADDAPT Chemicals B.V., and Hydrite Chemical Co. Global Market Insights, Inc. has projected that global fermentation defoamers market will surpass USD 2 billion in annual valuation by 2025.


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