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Asia Pacific to lead global Fluorotelomers Market landscape, burgeoning demand from textile sector to favor the industry trends

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2017-07-07Request Sample

Fluorotelomers Market is expected to gain remarkable traction, owing to mounting safety concerns pertaining to fire hazards. The textile, oil & gas, and chemical industries are mainly prone to severe fire threats and the growing concerns to take preventive measures against these accidents is stimulating fluorotelomers market. Fluorotelomers possess excellent chemical and thermal stability and thus helps in reduction of smoke pollution, minimizing fire spread, and provide resistance to re-ignition. This has particularly fueled the product demand in firefighting foams applications. Rising application scope in fire-fighting systems, textile, food & beverage and paper, and construction industries will significantly boost the demand for fluorotelomers. The global fluorotelomers industry is basically a sub-set of global fluorochemicals market. As per a report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the global fluorotelomers market size was over 26 kilo tons in 2015 and is expected to exceed 68 kilo tons by 2023, with an annual growth rate of 12.5% over the period of 2016-2023.

Europe was one of the prominent regions collecting sizeable revenue share of over USD 15 million in 2015 from the firefighting application. Introduction of stringent regulations in Europe toward fire safety in the manufacturing industries including food & beverage, textile, and paper have positively impacted the regional fluorotelomers market dynamics. Europe is particularly dominated by Germany, UK, France, and Italy which shows a significant textile industry growth. Europe fluorotelomers market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 12% over the period of 2016-2023 and exceed 8.7 kilo tons by 2023 in terms of volume.

North America Fluorochemicals Market Size, by Product, (kilo tons), 2012-2024
North America Fluorochemicals Market Size, by Product, (kilo tons), 2012-2024

In 2014, the global textile production was around 90 million tons, which has drastically fueled the demand for fluorotelomers industry across the globe. Fluorotelomers are extensively used in treatment of textiles to enhance the stain resistance through dust, chemicals, and solvents. Growing popularity of such chemical agents in the paper and textile industries was one of the positively influencing factor for the global fluorotelomers industry. Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan were among the prominent regions witnessing robust textile and paper industry expansion. Fluorotelomers possess a property of absorbing extra oil which makes them useful in paper production. The growing demand for glossy paper magazines will significantly spur the fluorotelomers industry. FTOH (Fluorotelomer alcohol) is a major chemical intermediate which finds usage in paper coatings, surfactants, paper packaging, textiles, leather, stone, tile, firefighting foams, and fabric stain repellants. The fluorotelomer alcohols market size in 2015 was over USD 111 million and is projected to be a dominant product segment over the coming six years. Nigeria and South Africa are expected to observe significant FTOH consumption, owing to growing use of surfactants in various production processes. Apart from fluorotelomer alcohols, fluorotelomer iodide and fluorotelomer acrylate are the other type of product segment.

With the growing presence of paper & textile industry and covering more than 45% of the total volume, Asia Pacific emerged as one of the dominant region with promising growth prospects for fluorotelomers market. Rapid urbanization and rising improvements in living standards will also prove beneficial for the remarkable growth of regional fluorotelomers industry. Moreover, potential growth prospects of textile industry with the political and FDI support in the region has noticeably favored the Asia Pacific fluorotelomers industry growth. In 2015, the total regional consumption was over 12 kilo tons with a collected revenue worth USD 157 million making it a dominant region in terms of demand.

Taking into account the fluorotelomers market trends in Middle East & Africa, growing cloth spending particularly in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt is expected to primarily drive the market demand. The growing construction business is also likely to fuel the market growth. With the growing construction industry, the demand for fluorotelomer iodide is also expected to upsurge. Enhanced surface lubricity, improved chemical stability, and low surface energy provided by fluorotelomer iodide will significantly boost the fluorotelomers industry share. The global fluorotelomer iodide market is projected to observe highest gains at a yearly rate of 13% over the period of 2016-2023.

Fluorotelomers also finds extensive usage in the food and beverage packaging to improve quality of food wrappers, pizza box liners, microwave popcorn bags, and candy wrappers. The F&B packaging application within the fluorotelomers industry is foreseen to record a CAGR of 11% over 2016-2023. North America was the prominent contributor for the expansion of food packaging application which is set to achieve target revenue slated to USD 17 million by 2023.

Technological innovation plays an important role in seizing a significant market chunk for the industry players. The global market is quite fragmented in nature with vendors, traders, and wholesalers engaging in collaborations with major companies and manufacturers. Key industry players include TCI, Dynax, AGC Chemicals, Fluoryx, Sigma Alrich, Daikin America, and Wilshire Technologies.

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