Gold Nanoparticles market outlook: Medical & Dentistry applications to stimulate industry growth over 2016-2022

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Current technological breakthroughs in cancer treatments plus wide product application in therapeutic treatments will spur Gold Nanoparticles Market expansion. Furthermore, heavy use of gold nanoparticles across the medical sector for imaging, disease diagnosis, and targeted drug delivery will further accelerate the industry growth. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., “Gold Nanoparticles Market revenue is anticipated to surpass USD 8 billion by 2022.” High investments in research activities carried out in the field of nanotechnology to develop new products will steer the industry growth over the coming five years. Enhanced use of gold nanoparticles in fuel cells, colorimetric sensors, etc.  offers high future growth prospects for the gold nanoparticles industry.

Beneficial features such as non-toxicity, high bio-compatibility, strong scattering capability, optoacoustic signaling, high absorption capacity, and non-immunogenicity is expected to promote the expansion of gold nanoparticles industry.

U.S. Gold Nanoparticles Market size, by application, 2014 & 2022 (USD million)
U.S. Gold Nanoparticles Market size, by application, 2014 & 2022 (USD million)


Gold Nanoparticles find extensive application in catalysis, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and medical & dentistry sectors. Apart from this, it also finds   wide application across photothermal cancer therapy, radiofrequency therapy, anti-bacterial treatment, angiogenesis therapy, and drug vectorization. Other therapeutic uses of gold nanoparticles include HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis B treatments.

Gold nanoparticles market size in the electronics sector, worth USD 280 million in 2014, is expected to grow significantly over the period of 2016-2022. Its enhanced use in flash drives, micro SD, DLNA devices, precision storage devices, photovoltaic devices, and high precision printing is anticipated to boost the revenue. Medical & Dentistry applications contributed over 50% of the overall market share, and will continue its domination over the coming timeframe, driven by high product demand across medical imaging, therapeutics, and drug delivery systems. Furthermore, heavy applications of gold nanoparticles in targeted oncological therapies will also contribute significantly towards the revenue.

Regional highlights pertaining to gold nanoparticles market over 2016-2022 are as below:

  • North America gold nanoparticles industry, which accounted for nearly 33% of the overall revenue in 2014, is forecast to exceed USD 2.4 billion by 2022. Heavy funding in   the pharmaceuticals sector along with growing investments in R&D activities is projected to drive the regional revenue. U.S. is predicted to be the key regional growth driver.
  • Rapidly expanding electronics sector is expected to augment Asia Pacific gold nanoparticles market size over the next few years. Furthermore, the rising popularity of photovoltaic items as well as high precision printing across the countries of APAC will boost the regional development. India, Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Japan are projected to be the major regional revenue drivers.
  • Europe gold nanoparticles market value estimated at USD 290 million in 2014, is expected to observe a noticeable growth over the years to come.

Market players will try to increase their revenue through product innovations, strategic collaborations, and high investments in research & development activities. Metalor Technologies International SA, NanoSphere Incorporation, NanoSphere, Johnson Matthey Company, Sigma Aldrich Corporation, BBI Solutions, and Cytodiagnostics are the major players in the gold nanoparticles industry.

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