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Hydrophobic coatings market to amass hefty proceeds from automotive applications, eco-friendly coatings to characterize the industry trends over 2018-2024

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Currently, hydrophobic coatings market is one of the most lucrative business spheres in the coatings industry. Hydrophobic coatings are extensively used to protect any equipment or material from chemical hazards, corrosion, and contamination pertaining to its water repelling capability. The advent of this technology has turned out to be beneficial for the many industries, from automotive to telecommunication sectors and the maritime to medical domains.

U.S. Fluorochemical Hydrophobic Coatings Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Tons)
U.S. Fluorochemical Hydrophobic Coatings Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Tons)

These coatings are used in automobiles on the windshield for preventing water clogging and in medical applications, they are deployed to increase the anti-bacterial properties of the surgical instruments. Meanwhile, the growing concern about the increasing level of fluorochemicals in the environment has encouraged companies in the hydrophobic coatings market to invest in research and development activities to develop eco-friendly variants. The launch of environment-friendly hydrophobic coatings will remarkably transform hydrophobic coatings industry outlook.

In the last few years, digitalization and advent of new technology trends have changed every industrial sector in terms of applications and product developments. Automotive magnates are now looking forward to introducing vehicles fully integrated with the latest technology. Validating the aforementioned fact, one of the Japanese luxury vehicle manufacturers, Lexus is planning to introduce digital cameras in order to replace traditional side mirrors. It claims that the deployment of digital cameras on the vehicle will provide notable benefits such as clear visibility, excellent safety, and control over external entities such as wind and dust. Lesser wind resistance can improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In order to maintain the visibility and cleanliness of cameras regardless of the driving conditions, Lexus has coated these digital cameras with a hydrophobic coating.

In addition to Lexus, the German automaker, Audi is also looking forward to launching vehicles integrated with digital mirrors in Europe. The shifting trends toward the adoption of camera-as-mirror technology will have a positive influence on hydrophobic coatings market size from automotive applications.

Though the automakers are demanding hydrophobic coatings on a large scale, the stringent regulatory norms implemented by the organizations comprising EU and FDA to curb the pollutants like fluorochemicals has promoted product manufacturers to explore other eco-friendly alternatives. Considering the future scope for eco-friendly hydrophobic coatings, several researchers have been involved in R&D activities that will impel hydrophobic coatings market size. For instance, in 2016, a team of researchers at Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea discovered an environment-friendly and affordable method to embalm hydrophobic layer on the objects. Such revolutionary inventions are expected to reduce the use of harsh chemicals in traditional methods of applying a hydrophobic layer on the equipment.

Over the last few years, the coating industry has been witnessing continuous technology evolutions which will transform the hydrophobic coatings market outlook. For instance, a few months before, the joint venture of Diamon-Fusion International and IGE Glass Technologies led to the revelation of advanced automated coating machinery. It is the first bilateral in-line hydrophobic coating machine which will streamline protective coatings without any emission of VOCs. The machine offers zero chemical exposure to the environment during a coating process that will optimize its use for numerous applications.

The continuous advent of new technologies and the presence of a favorable regulatory framework are poised to propel hydrophobic coatings market share over the years ahead. In addition, the growing involvement of key players in the product enhancement activities for gaining competitive benefits will influence the industry growth considerably. Taking into account the fact that novel product development is on the strategy radar for established companies and startups alike, Global Market Insights, Inc., predicts that hydrophobic coatings market will surpass revenue collection of USD 2 billion by the end of 2024.

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