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Isoflavones market to amass substantial proceeds from nutraceutical applications, global industry remuneration to exceed USD 30 billion by 2025

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Rising interest in the potential health benefits of naturally sourced ingredients has considerably strengthened the global isoflavones market, in tandem with increased consumption of functional food and nutraceutical products. The numerous beneficial properties of the compound and the consistent availability of sources like soy, red clover and chickpea has boosted their adoption among food and beverage producers. The isoflavones industry has seen continuous advancements due to ongoing research and development of products and studies conducted with people having different illnesses. Possible advantages in protecting against cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and cancers could tremendously increase the demand for soy-based isoflavones market from nutraceutical manufacturers. Common disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure are also considered as potential application areas for soy isoflavones by industry experts and scientists.

Opportunities for the growth of isoflavones industry from nutraceutical applications

Potential Use Against Hypertension

Essentially, nutraceuticals are food additives or dietary supplements that are suggested for use to counter any deficiency of nutrients in the body or for tackling the occurrence particular disorders. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a critical disorder which can also lead to heart disease and stroke if left unchecked. Apparently, findings have shown that isoflavones assist the body in relieving hypertension by augmenting enzyme production, to make nitric acid, which in turn expands the blood vessels and reduces the pressure on vessel walls. Subsequently, a large number of doctors recommend adding soy as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet for lowering the chances of experience high blood pressure.

Alternatively, people with hypertension can opt for suitable nutraceutical products to handle the issue, providing a prospective growth area for the isoflavones market. It is estimated that in the U.S., high blood pressure cost can go up to US$48.6 billion annually, including medication, healthcare services and sick day costs. World over, the number of people with high blood pressure had reached 1.1 billion in 2017, indicating the enormous need to provide necessary help to curb the risk of developing hypertension. Isoflavones present in soy represent a promising nutraceutical solution to treat high blood pressure prevalent among the global population.

Critical Health Benefits for Women

For years, the estrogenic effects of isoflavones have been known by scientists, as the compound has both hormonal and non-hormonal properties. In Japan, a study of 19 trials involving women had demonstrated that menopausal women who frequently experienced flashes considered using soy-based food or isoflavones to mitigate the symptoms. A few years back, a set of 9 trials conducted on non-Asian women by researchers highlighted that regular supplementation of soy isoflavones, in doses of 40 to 160 mgs a day, were related to considerable body weight reductions and improvement in glucose metabolism among menopausal women. These studies bring forth a crucial application segment for the isoflavones market, keeping in mind the global consumer base for women-specific nutraceuticals.

Speaking further, researchers from Iran’s Kashan University of Medical Sciences had commenced randomized, placebo-controlled trials on 18 to 40 year old women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to determine possible benefits of isoflavones. It was found that consumption of soy isoflavones brought improvements in the metabolic and cardiovascular health in women with PCOS, providing impetus to the arguments in favor of the isoflavones industry. Statistics indicate that, depending on definition criteria, PCOS can affect nearly 5 to 10% of women of reproductive age, establishing a significant need for providing a dietary solution.

All in all, with the constant demand from the food & beverages and cosmetics segments along with the increasing need for nutraceutical products for treating different conditions in men and women, the isoflavones market is expected amass over US$30 billion in remunerations worldwide by 2025. Au Natural Organics Company, ADM, Frutarom, NutraScience Labs, and Nutra Green Biotechnology are some key participants constituting the competitive hierarchy of the global isoflavones industry.

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