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Limonene market to witness robust growth from F&B and pharmaceutical applications over 2018-2024, rising demand for green ingredients to drive the industry progression

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Driven by the increasing adoption of natural ingredients and green chemicals in the production of consumables, the global Limonene market entered the billion-dollar fraternity in 2017. Being colorless with a fresh, sweet and light citrus odor, limonene is preferred by the fragrances and flavors industry to make products used in cosmetics and personal care products as well as food additives. Extensive applications in formulating bath products, aftershave lotions moisturizers and perfumes have greatly influenced the limonene market growth. Since limonene is a naturally occurring substance, it is promoted by environmentalists and health experts alike as it has low VOC emission when used in industrial settings, as compared to its conventional alternatives. The limonene market has witnessed increased consumption in manufacturing essential products since the substance has been established as a safe ingredient by health regulatory bodies.

U.S. Dipentene Market Size, By End-user, 2013 - 2024 (USD Million)
U.S. Dipentene Market Size, By End-user, 2013 - 2024 (USD Million)


Limonene has been included on FDA’s list for Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) substances as a flavoring ingredient, promoting its use in processed and packaged food.  Also, a combined committee of WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, has declared that the substance does not present any immediate safety concerns at proper levels of intake as a flavoring agent. The limonene industry has subsequently proliferated by the expansion of the packaged food segment, with the changing lifestyle of people worldwide generating higher demands for ready-to-eat meals comprising of healthy ingredients. Growing popularity of hypermarket outlets that sell retail food items has instigated the rise of several processed food products which have hit the ever-increasing shelf space area in stores. Continuous transition of the food processing industry towards incorporating natural ingredients in products will provide substantial boost to the food grade limonene market.

Overview of the food grade limonene market in the pharmaceutical industry:

It is a well-established fact that natural substances are much more suited for preparing drugs for treating various type of ailments, with attempts underway worldwide to incorporate these substances in vital medications. Limonene is also one such substance that has gained traction within the pharmaceutical segment owing to its skin penetration and anti-inflammatory properties, promulgating the acceptance of the limonene industry in achieving health benefits. Over the years a number of tests have further confirmed the utility of limonene in relieving pain, heartburn and other prevalent health issues. For instance, results of a study conducted on 19 people who took heartburn medications revealed that 17 of them showed no heartburn symptoms when they took only limonene every day for two weeks.

In a separate sturdy, the substance was found to be useful in reducing the inflammations in the gut more effectively than other alternatives. It was observed to improve the bowel movement within adults, inducing regularity in people who had difficulties with regular bowel habits. The limonene market has also been efficacious in catering to the pharmaceutical segment associated with curing patients experiencing gallstone problems. A U.S. institute has estimated that around 800,000 operations across the country are performed each year to treat gallstones, with almost 10 to 15 percent of adults suffering from the disease. Limonene or limonene helps to dissolve the remaining gallstones after a gallstone removal surgery, providing an easier and less invasive method of completing the treatment.

An experiment involving 200 patients had demonstrated to doctors that 20 to 30ml of 97 percent limonene solution had completely dissolved gallstones in nearly half of them, creating a profitable image in the healthcare domain for the limonene industry. As a result, naturally sourced limonene provided by companies such as Foreverest Resources Ltd. is being used by the pharmaceutical segment as a gallstone solubilizer, to treat one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders. The limonene market is also benefiting from investigations into application of the substance in anti-cancer mechanisms owing to it antioxidant characteristics that thwart cell damaging activities of free radicals. Researches have proved that limonene can have therapeutic effects on lung cancer cells, inducing apoptosis which is a controlled death of cells.

Statistics provided by WHO indicate that out of the 8.8 million cancer related deaths occurring globally in 2015, 1.69 million were due to lung cancers. With experiments driving the use of the substance in providing enhanced recovery of cells after cancer treatment and to slow down the growth of cancer cells, the food grade limonene market is presented with a lucrative opportunity in terms of earning capacity. With increased distribution of the substance for producing consumables like food, beverages, chewing gums and pharmaceuticals, the limonene industry will witness enormous upsurge in demand for from the food grade, which held the largest industry chunk in 2017. Combined with the large-scale deployment of industrial grade limonene in manufacturing cleaners, degreasers and chemicals, the global limonene market is anticipated to record a 4.6% CAGR from 2018 to 2024.


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