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China multi touch equipment market to amass substantial returns, global industry valuation to cross USD 20 billion by 2024

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2018-11-09Request Sample

The global multi touch equipment market is set to traverse along an extremely profitable growth path on account of a rapid increase in the demand for consumer electronics equipped with multi touch devices. A blend of modern software and high-end multi touch hardware has effectively made complex tasks on devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets much simpler and intuitive. Similarly, the multi touch technology has opened a whole new world of possibilities for all kinds of businesses, by creating new methodologies for increased productivity.

Germany multi-touch equipment market size, by application, 2017 & 2024 (USD Million)
Germany multi-touch equipment market size, by application, 2017 & 2024 (USD Million)

For instance, mobile OS including iOS, Android, and desktop OS such as Mac OS X, Windows 10, and Ubuntu, now support multitouch detection, enabling users to collaborate on the same content, side-by-side, and work together more efficiently as the technology becomes transparent and no longer disrupts the user experience. The rising demand for enhanced productivity and operational excellence is thus certain to propel multi touch equipment industry trends.

Increasing versatility in multi touch technologies, along with the availability of a sheer range of sizes and orientations will enhance the performance of end products. From self-servicing kiosks, perfect for single- and dual-user interaction, to collaborative 84’’ Multi touch tables that can accommodate up to eight people simultaneously, multi touch equipment have seemingly taken business operations on a whole new level. The multiple points of finger contact on modern consumer devices allow customers to perform simplified and expedited operations. The multi-point interactivity reportedly enables quick scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, and intuitive gesture commands, features that allow quicker interaction of the users with the host device, thereby surging multi touch equipment market size.

Far from being presumed as something only seen in a sci-fi movie, multi-user multi touch applications are now used across a spate of businesses focused on growing customer engagement. The technology has reportedly proven to be ideal for sales representatives in face-to-face customer meetings, and perfect for public installations in real-estate, banking or insurance agencies, as well as in shops, malls and museums. For instance, in July 2017, Eyefactive had reportedly introduced a multi touch table for a museum in Thailand. As per sources, the table was equipped with tracking and object recognition technology that allowed visitors to comfortably navigate video gallery, slides and presentations by touch and hand gestures.

Most industrial automation and other manufacturing personnel are now adopting the technology through multi touch human machine interface (HMI) applications. When used in industrial settings, many of the benefits of this technology are similar to those encountered in the commercial sectors such as relatively low-cost hardware, fast and easy data accessibility, and near-universal familiarity with the technology. Reportedly, certain providers of HMI software are now including multi touch development tools with their traditional PC-based HMI packages that encompass PCs, tablets and smartphones, eventually enabling companies to invest in a single HMI software package to develop multi touch screens for the PCs in the control room, which at the same time can also be used to provide multi touch enabled access for smartphones and tablets remotely.

China is expected to emerge as one of the most pivotal revenue grounds for the multi touch equipment market, particularly due to rising investments in the R&D sector by major players. The presence of several electronic devices & display industries and manufacturers in the region is one of the key factors propelling the industry growth.

The regional manufacturers are seemingly developing products that offer more accurate and responsive touch points, advanced design, and customer-friendly UI for applications such as ATM machines, vending machines, and ticket counters. The growth of the retail sector in the country is also encouraging retailers to adopt the technologically-advanced products such as interactive kiosks to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. According to a report compiled by Global Market Insights, Inc., China multi touch equipment market size had been pegged at 13 million units in 2017.

Samsung Electronics Co., Touch Innovations, IntuiLab SA, MultiTraction Ltd., COPA-DATA GmbH, Apple, Inc., FlatFrog Laboratories, Perceptive Pixel, Microsoft Corporation, and JTouch Corporation are some of noteworthy companies forming the competitive terrain of this market, that have been investing rapidly in the development of new products to gain a competitive advantage. For instance, on May 17, 2018, Microsoft unveiled its all-new Surface Hub 2 workplace display that came with a UHD 4K+ resolution and a 50.5-inch multi touch display coupled with software such as Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Windows 10 and the intelligent Cloud.

Multi touch equipment have indeed taken the viewer’s experience to a whole new level. Manufacturers are seemingly developing products equipped with advanced technologies such as integration hand gesture recognition, that would further boost multi touch equipment market. In recent years, the multi touch technology has developed at a commendable pace, with major advances in response times, clear screens, accurate touchpoints, ability to perform in extreme conditions and depicting robust performance. The growing usage of these devices in the industrial sector to ease machine operations will lead to their widespread adoption, aided by which the global multi touch equipment market has been touted to garner $20 billion by 2024.


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