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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Market to accumulate commendable returns via ultrasonic inspection testing technology segment over 2019-2025, Europe to be the chief growth avenue

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Owing to the evolving demands of the industrial & manufacturing sectors, the growth trajectory of the non-destructive testing (NDT) market is witnessing an optimistic change over the recent years. The need for agile and highly-efficient inspection equipment has been escalating lately as the valuable assets of numerous business verticals are aging and require tough inspection regimes to stay relevant in the long run. Global manufacturing firms are adopting NDT services to sustain their utilization rates and growth momentum – a factor that has fueled the non-destructive testing market trends.

U.S. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Service Market Revenue, By Method, 2018 & 2025
U.S. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Service Market Revenue, By Method, 2018 & 2025

Taking stock of how ultrasonic inspection testing has turned out to be the most lucrative technology segment of non-destructive testing market

When it comes to the types of technology being used in the non-destructive testing services, it is imperative to note that this industry has been proactive in its adoption of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). This technological integration has assisted NDT market to make inroads in numerous business verticals such as aerospace and energy.

Among all the technology types of the NDT services, ultrasonic inspection testing has emerged as the most prominent technology segment owing to the product enhancement activities undertaken by prominent market players. Here are two of the major product launches that underscore the significance of research activities and the increasing pace of transformation being witnessed across various inspection systems:

  • Manufactured by Eddyfi Technologies, Silverwing R-Scan is the latest handheld portable B-Scan inspection equipment which intends to improve the probability of detection and data quality of ultrasonic inspection regimes. It is able to inspect tanks where a remote and automated crawler along the likes of scorpion2 system cannot be utilized. Assisted by the ultrasonic data acquisition software, the new battery-operated inspection system is also able to measure wall thicknesses between 2.5 mm and 100 mm. Apparently, it has to be noted that the floating gates functionality enables high quality thickness measurement which, in turn, enhances accuracy by tacking signal amplitude.
  • A new testing laboratory has been recently unveiled in United Kingdom by material testing services provider Element. Spread across 20,700 square foot, the new lab would be a center for excellence for NDT and inspection research and would prove beneficial for the customers from the aviation and oil & gas industries. The lab would also be a crucial center of excellence in the region’s ongoing industrial revolution as it will be located in the vicinity of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District of Sheffield.

With the launch of inspection systems such as Silverwing R-Scan, it is quite prudent to state the addition of agile, advanced, and portable inspection systems would not only add stealth to the ultrasonic inspection testing product range but would also improve the productivity levels. Moreover, the establishment of research centers or testing laboratories would further propel the growth prospects of the global non-destructive testing industry in the upcoming years.

Speaking of the growth momentum acquired by the NDT market in geographical terms, Europe has been a leading investment avenue owing to the stringent regulatory guidelines enforced by European Union mandating the usage of non-destructive testing services across different business sectors. Apparently, these regulations have essentially focused on ensuring product and employee safety as the region is home to numerous well-known firms such as Intertek, SGS, and Bureau Veritas. All these factors have created humongous growth opportunities for the Europe non-destructive testing market which apportioned more than 30 percent of the revenue share of this industry in the year 2018, as per a comprehensive study undertaken by Global Market Insights, Inc.

In the hindsight, it can certainly be said that NDT services are anticipated to enable decentralized decisions and information transparency in the manufacturing processes which would be followed in Industry 4.0. Moreover, these services would prove to be crucial in eliminating obsolete formats and enhance productivity levels owing to the increasing need for inspection. Most notably, the evolving demands of the industrial sector, the rising number of disruptive innovations, and the effect of integrating new-age technologies such as AI and IoT are set to transform the way non-destructive testing industry would function in the times to come.


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