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Europe and North America snow blowers market valuation to surpass USD 30 billion by 2024, the advent of advanced robotic snow-clearing equipment to characterize the industry expansion

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Europe and North America snow blowers market has been depicting extensive growth since the last few years, primarily owing to fact that both the regions are excessively prone to receiving snowfall at a stipulated time of the year. Initially, prior to the emergence of machine based technologies, it was quite difficult to clear off roads, airports, and railway stations filled with snow. However, the advent of motorized and robotic snow blowers has now changed scenario across North American and European countries. Snow blowers are used extensively across these geographies for easing transportation issues and resolve mobility problems. The increasing demand for snow removal solutions has thus impelled NA and Europe snow blowers industry share.

U.S. snow blowers market size, by product, 2013 - 2024 (USD Billion)
U.S. snow blowers market size, by product, 2013 - 2024 (USD Billion)

Governments and transportation authorities have been deploying ample number of snow blowers across snow-prone areas for ensuring adequate mobility and trading. As of now, for improving the operability of airports and railway stations, most of the European countries have been aiding technology giants to develop advanced versions of snow removers. In addition, most of the airport authorities have also been signing deals with snow-clearing equipment manufacturers in order to undertake snow-clearing activities, thereby impelling North America & Europe snow blowers industry.

Taking into account the complexities of snow removal on the runways and roads, the American technology company, Yeti Snow Technology has recently developed driverless snow-clearing equipment. The launch of such autonomous equipment will resolve several issues for airport authorities regarding flight delay and the efficiency level of snow clearing operations. As of now, the equipment is being tested for its accurate functionality, however, it has already set a benchmark for the players in the Europe and North America snow blowers. In addition, Yeti had reconstructed Mercedes’s trucks for a demo pilot, however, in the future, European OEMs will be able to harness this opportunity and develop next-generation trucks for autonomous operations. The changing focus of technology companies toward the betterment of existing snow-clearing equipment is slated to impel Europe and North America snow blowers industry outlook.

Speaking along the same line, at Fagernes Airport in Norway, driverless snow-clearing equipment has been deployed recently which cleared the runway in a rather effective manner. In addition, after the successful demonstration of these vehicles, airport authorities plan to use these snow blowers commercially. In Europe, most of the large airports already have snow-clearing equipment ready in order to lower the financial loss associated with the closure of the airports due to heavy snowfall on runways. Considering the economic benefits associated with the deployment of snow-clearing equipment at the airports, Europe and North America snow blowers market share is likely to soar over the years ahead.

Automated machines will provide numerous benefits pertaining to their capability to minimize distractions in the driveway without any kind of failures. Considering how effective technological advancements in snow blowers have proven to be, several start-ups in U.S. have come up with innovative snow blowers and snow shovels that could be used for clearing driveways and sidewalks. For instance, the New York based Kobi Company is one of the start-ups in the U.S. which has developed an autonomous robot in 2016 for clearing snow. This autonomous robotic device has been integrated with numerous next-generation features including mobile data connectivity, Wi-Fi, sensors, Bluetooth, and GPS. The robustly changing climatic conditions in U.S. will further trigger lucrative opportunities for the technology companies to gain ground in Europe and North America snow blowers market.

The increasing awareness regarding health hazards associated with shoveling snow will have a positive impact on Europe and North America snow blowers industry size. In addition, the advent of robotic snow blowers also resulted into reduction of limb injuries among the workforce that operated snow-clearing equipment. The growing number of passengers travelling by air owing to the parameters of comfort and lesser time consumption is further likely to augment the product demand. For the record, by the end of 2024, Europe and North America snow blowers market will surpass a revenue collection of USD 30 billion.

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