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Unveiling operator training simulators market ecosystem with regards to end-use landscape: increasing deployment of microgrids in the energy sector to spur product demand

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The global operator training simulators market is slated to record momentous growth in the coming years, primarily driven by the rising demand for skilled workforce across an array of industries. Operator training simulators are advanced computer-powered training tools which allow operators to learn the skills they need while operating a process or plant. These simulators train operators to effectively manage various controls, thereby resulting in faster startup times, lesser equipment stresses, faster retrieval from process upsets, along with offering the ability to address procedural issues before commencing online production.

Brazil operator training simulator market, by application, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)

Brazil operator training simulator market, by application, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)

The end use landscape of the operator training simulators market covers a plethora of industries including aerospace & defense, healthcare, energy & power, chemical, oil & gas, industrial, and others. Following is a detailed evaluation of the end-use outlook with respect to key propellers and newest developments in the market.

Operator training simulators industry trends from the energy & power sector

The operating training simulator market share from energy and power end use segment is slated to grow immensely in the ensuing years, owing to the renovation of the power distribution system, rising power needs, grid modernization, and introduction of microgrids.

Newest developments in the energy & power market

Given that there are a significant number of thermal power generation plants worldwide, there is a huge need for making power plant operations highly efficient, safe, and economical, and skilled thermal power plant personnel can help in achieving this. These days there are a number of companies like the National Power Training Institute, GSE Systems, Tri-angle Simulation, and others, which offer thermal power plant simulators for training newly-hired operators as well giving refresher courses to personnel with prior experience. Tri-angle Simulation, for instance, has developed an exclusive PC based 210 Mega Watt thermal power plant simulator encompassing innovative interactive panel emulation.

Also, as microgrids become a notable aspect of the contemporary power system, simulator makers continue to develop advanced models and features which are explicitly targeted at simulating microgrids and testing their control systems.

Operator training simulators industry trends from the healthcare sector

The boom in the global healthcare industry is well reflected in the demand for operator training simulators for healthcare professionals. Realizing the potential of simulation to augment healthcare delivery, this end use segment is currently characterized by various simulation training options. The operator training simulators market share from healthcare applications is majorly propelled by technological advancements in the field of medicine, growing preference for minimally invasive procedures, and the burgeoning pool of patients across the globe.

Newest developments in the healthcare market

CAE Healthcare and software company TWME8 have recently signed a collaboration agreement under which the next generation patient simulator operating system “CAE Maestro” will be enhanced with the iRIS collaborative platform from TWME8. The combination of these two products will empower educators to design and export simulation scenarios and hence promote greater standardization, alignment with best practices, and enhanced learning experience.

Operator training simulators industry trends from the aerospace & defense sector

The demand for operator training simulators from the aerospace & defense market is anticipated to exhibit a remarkable growth trajectory over the coming years, on account of rising expenditure on military empowerment and war preparedness, along with the rising preference for air travel and the increasing number of airplanes across the globe. 

Newest developments in the aerospace & defense market

Recently, the Bangladesh Army conducted an intricate disaster relief exercise with help of SWORD simulation software, a flagship product by MASA. SWORD is a proven digital wargame with automated forces which is currently being used by 15 armies across the world. Bangladesh Army’s AWGC, a part of the Army Training & Doctrine Command, has been widely using this pioneering technology to plan, implement, and analyze a slew of training missions. On top of war-gaming, the Bangladesh Army is using this software for a large number of risk management exercises, together with various non-war crisis management exercises for army units.

While heavy equipment and machines are powerful tools, untrained hands can spur significant equipment deterioration, property damage, or workplace injuries. Hence, simulation-based training programs are expanding their existing horizons and shaping a technology driven future where replication of real-world scenarios make learning engaging and easier, thereby spurring operator training simulators industry. As per estimates, operator training simulators market is set to surpass USD 20 billion by 2025.

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