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Dental osseointegration implants market to observe a considerable boost, zirconia implants to garner renewed popularity over 2017-2024

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Having already experienced monetary returns from a slew of imperative collaborations since the last few years, osseointegration implants market has now observed yet another partnership that would help increase its overall remuneration. The reputed American producer of dental equipment consumables, Dentsply Sirona has recently announced a partnership with Zephyr Sleep Technologies. This alliance has been apparently aimed at generating potentially new opportunities for both the aforementioned behemoths in osseointegration implants industry, given that they are both commendably experienced in implant technology development. Having Dentsply Sirona as a partner is also likely to substantially expand Zephyr’s consumer base and business network. Considering that the demand for osseointegration implants is astronomically high, established as well as novice tech companies have been attempting to establish their footprints in osseointegration implants market.

Europe Osseointegration Implants Market, By Product (USD Million)
Europe Osseointegration Implants Market, By Product (USD Million)

Osseointegration implants have established a reputation of offering several life-changing benefits to the global populace. The recent instance of a young soldier who underwent an implant surgery validates this fact. The British soldier who apparently lost his legs in the Afghanistan war, had his legs reconstructed post a successful surgery in Australia – courtesy, the revolutionary treatment therapy of osseointegration that helped fit a synthetic implant (titanium rod) in the soldier. Another similar instance was that of a female patient from New Zealand who had been fitted with prosthetic legs. The success rate of such surgical procedures has considerably increased the demand for these implants, thereby generating numerous growth avenues for the companies partaking in osseointegration implants market share.

Considering the rise in number of reconstruction surgeries, most of the osseointegration implants industry biggies have been attempting to come up with a range of innovative and advanced product. They have also been striving to launch novel anatomically designed products, which would provide a boost to the product landscape of osseointegration implants market. Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., one of the global leaders in musculoskeletal healthcare, recently announced the launch of Persona® Partial Knee System – deemed to the first product of the Zimmer Biomet joint venture, which is slated to enhance the position of the company in osseointegration implants market, given the high demand for partial knee replacement procedures.

The osseointegration technology has already made its mark in the orthopedic and dental industries, though its popularity in the prosthetics is yet in its infancy. Recently through, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an implantable above-knee prosthesis, designated by Osseoanchored Prosthesis for the Rehabilitation of Amputees (OPRA) system for adult transfemoral amputees. This is the first U.S. permitted bone anchored prosthesis and is likely to make its mark in the U.S. osseointegration implants industry.

The number of dental implant surgeries have also observed a rise lately, pertaining to the growing number of tooth replacement cases among patients. The loss of teeth can be primarily attributed to aging problems or even accidents, nonetheless, with either case, the demand for dental implants have upscaled to quite an extent. Dentists often prefer the utilization of titanium and its alloys for the fabrication of dental implants, due to its composition benefits. Osseointegration implants market players have been heavily investing in research and development activities with an aim to unearth alternative materials that could be used for dental implants, which would have a considerable effect on the overall osseointegration implants industry. The competitive hierarchy of osseointegration implants market is inclusive of Dentsply Sirona, Danaher Corporation, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Integrum, Straumann, Osstem Implant Co., Bicon, and CAMLOG® Implant System. Of late, it has been observed that Zirconia-based implants have been garnering momentum as opposed to titanium-based implants, pertaining to the benefits Zirconia provides, such as tooth color, good biocompatibility, and excellent mechanical properties.

The robustly growing technological developments have prompted the introduction of next generation equipment in the healthcare sector, which would favorably impact osseointegration implants market. Lately, the 3D printing technology that has forayed the medical space has also led to quite a revolution in the osseointegration implants industry. The development of accurate and sophisticated 3D printing dental materials and 3D oral scanners have changed consumer perspectives toward dental implants. Orthopedic surgeons have also been using 3D printers to generate near-perfect bone replicas. Not to be left far behind, dentists have commenced the deployment of 3D printing manufacturing techniques to produce orthodontic appliances, crowns, and removable dentures, post the approval from the Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA). The plethora of technological advancements have undeniably lead to the expansion of the consumer base, thereby impelling osseointegration implants industry growth. With the assistance of contemporary technologies and the reduced costs of reconstruction surgeries, osseointegration implants industry share will certainly surpass a valuation of USD 7.8 billion by the end of 2024.


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