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Growing construction activities to boost paint roller market, surging product enhancement to accelerate industry growth over 2017-2024

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The application spectrum of paint roller market spans the household, commercial, and industrial sectors, that deploy painting excessively for aesthetic and safety purposes. Considering the robust expansion of the construction industry, it is undeniable that rollers would be in massive demand in the years to come, pertaining to the product’s convenience and flexibility for painting. Most building constructors of late, have been giving preference for interior improvisation of homes and offices, which would have a considerable impact on paint rollers industry share. One of the key reasons why rollers have been gaining prominence is that they cover an exceptionally large surface area and substantially speed up painting operations. In order to boost the painting efficiency, improve the output effectiveness of result, and minimize the requirement of manual skills, most of the consumers are inclined toward using rollers on a large scale, which is slated to stimulate paint roller market share over the years ahead.

U.S. Paint Rollers Market Size, By Pile Depth, 2016 & 2024 (Million Units)
U.S. Paint Rollers Market Size, By Pile Depth, 2016 & 2024 (Million Units)

Of late, the entertainment sector has been emerging as a major avenue for paint rollers market. It has come to notice that nowadays, interactive graffiti has been gaining popularity across the globe for entertainment purposes. Video painting is another avenue that deploys several forms of interactive graffiti, which incidentally, has emerged as a major area of research for companies partaking in paint roller market share. Recently, two European researchers developed a new technique, in which electronic paint roller were incorporated with infrared lights. The light within the rollers sent out the tracking information to the computer system, which then displayed the moving image. Currently, both the researchers have been using this technology to paint vital landmarks and buildings across Europe. This instance affirms that the increasing adoption of such technologically advanced products is likely to propel Europe paint roller industry size.

Speaking of the entertainment and media sector in continuum, it is prudent to state that paint rollers are also being deployed to conveniently disguise pivotal characters. For instance, in a recent Hollywood movie, called the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, the special effects team used paint roller to flawlessly create the character of Drax. Indeed, it goes without saying that in the years to come, the surging demand for these rollers to spruce up the characters of superheroes will have a significant impact on painting rollers industry share.

Technological advancements such as artificial intelligence based drones and robots are also expected to have a positive impact on paint rollers market trends. Luxury home designers for instance, have been robustly deploying these technologies to for fashionable, artistic, interactive wall designs. Recently, Hermès, one of the well-acclaimed France based luxury goods manufacturing company, hosted a rather exclusive show featuring an interactive micro-city, in which the company used live digital graffiti with the help of advanced technology. In order to project video collages, the company deployed infrared LED based paint roller, the highlight of the show, that displayed video collages in real time. The increasing implementation of live digital graffities owing to technological advancements in electronic devices is thus slated to propel paint rollers industry outlook noticeably in the forthcoming years.

A majority of the players in paint roller market have been adopting rather innovative methodologies to come up with a range of improved products. Patterned paint roller for instance, are the latest fad in paint roller market – numerous consumers have been observed to be utilizing these rollers for totally unique wall and interior designs, since they are available in a variety of patterns and are easily reusable. In addition, manufacturers have also been attempting to develop customized products as per consumer demand, that would further increase the popularity of these rollers in paint roller market. The emergence of 3D printing technology has also had a noticeable impact on patterned paint roller sales. For instance, in 2015, designer Matthijs Kok had launched Chic 3D printed patterned paint rollers that had favorably enhanced individual hand painting abilities. Moreover, in order to promote craft entrepreneurship, key players in patterned paint roller market have also been collaborating with several municipalities, libraries, and non-profit organizations, which would result in newer product development, suitably impelling the overall paint rollers market size.

The growing infrastructural development across the industrial as well as commercial sectors along with heavy investments in residential infrastructure development are likely to augment the revenue graph of paint roller market. Most of the renowned players in paint rollers industry including Hyde Group, Inc., Anderson Products, Purdy, Richard Tools, Gordon Brush, and Mill Rose have lately been shifting their focus toward quality enhancement and cost-reduction. The paradigm shift would eventually impact the overall paint roller market size, slated to exceed a revenue collection of USD 3 billion by the end of 2024.

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