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Global painting tools market trends: How will rising prevalence of renovation projects and increasing number of DIY enthusiasts define the industry landscape?

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The global painting tools market is slated to amass substantial gains in the forthcoming years, primarily driven by the expanding construction industry and growing infrastructure development across the globe. Also, the rising number of smart cities and burgeoning expenditure by governments in public infrastructure would advance paint tools market share in the future.

North America Painting Tools Market, By Product, 2018 & 2025, (USD Million)
North America Painting Tools Market, By Product, 2018 & 2025, (USD Million)


The growing number of DIY painters

A significant driver that is presumed to define the growth trajectory of the painting tools industry is the Do-It-Yourself or DIY trend. Millennials being the biggest consumers of DIY painting kits are increasingly spending on cost-effective painting tools that simplify painting, enhance appeal, and reduce mess.

Enlisted below is a list of the top professional painting tools used by DIYers:

  • Edge painting tool: Painting edges always demand perfection, but the Accubrush edge-painting tool makes cutting-in quick and easy. Users need a little practice to paint perfectly straight lines like a pro along moldings and ceilings.
  • Handy paint bucket: The biggest challenge with paint trays is that they hold less paint and need to be refilled at short intervals. But, DIYers have got the Wooster 4-gallon paint bucket which certainly holds more paint than a tray, and the paint can last really long without refilling. Moreover, in contrast to a tray, it is very handy and can be easily moved around the area being painted without paint spilling out of it.
  • Paint spout:  If the spill is uncontrolled, pouring paint can get messy in no time. These days DIYers are attaching handy spout snaps onto the rim of the can/container to direct the paint where they want to transfer it. Besides this, the spout prevents the paint from flowing outside the can and making the floor or drop cloth untidy – making this device one of the most viable professional painting tools.
  • Mini hand masker: Masking often enhances the end result of a painting job by stopping paint from invading unwanted areas. The mini mask applicator from Scotch ensures that the masking tape is dispensed in a straight line, without breakage and at high speed. To add to users’ convenience the applicator has a built in cutter which slices it off at the end of the run.

Revival of historical treasures

Renovation of historical, residential, and commercial spaces will add positive impetus to the painting tools market outlook, as painting is a pivotal part of every renovation project. Given the large number of aging historical assets across the globe, the painting equipment industry is set to strike gold from renovation and remodeling of such giant structures.

For instance, Gary City Center Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has reportedly made plans to invest approximately $1 million on renovating the historic City Hall, a vintage Neoclassical style building. For the uninitiated, the National Register of Historic Places is the United States federal government’s authorized list of sites, districts, buildings, objects, and structures considered worthy of preservation due to their historical significance.

Having said that, it’s certain that similar remodeling initiatives undertaken by governments across the globe for preserving and promoting their rich heritage will influence painting tools industry growth trends.

Quick Industry Synopsis

Some of the most popularly used professional painting tools dominating the industry are paint brush, paint sprayer, poles & rollers, spray gun, contour stain applicator, painting tray, dry erase paint, roller keeper, knives, and painter’s tape.


Speaking of the demand, spray guns are one among the most highly demanded wall painting tools. Based on credible reports, spray gun accounted for 21% of painting tools market share in the year 2018, owing to the high application speed, availability of the product in several sizes, and even coatings.

Other big revenue pockets of the painting tools market:

  • Appliances: Consumer appliances are one among the biggest end-use avenues of painting tools. In this context, it is rather overt that appliance painting will contribute significantly to the global painting tools industry size over the forthcoming years.
  • Automotive: Over the last few years, the automotive paints & coatings market has been traversing alongside a lucrative growth track, primarily driven by increasing disposable income in consort with rising demand for automobiles. The upward motion of the automotive paints and coatings industry is predicted to escalate the revenue for the worldwide painting tools market.

Summing up, it would be apt to state that painting tools market is set to witness a profitable phase inspired by DIY trends, renovation projects, automotive & appliance applications, and construction industry growth worldwide. According to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., painting tools market size is anticipated to surpass USD 15 billion by the year 2025.

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