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Surging chronic ailments to drive polyphenylsulfone market outlook by 2025

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Global polyphenylsulfone market is poised to garner substantial returns over the coming years owing to its increasing demand across medical, automation, and aerospace applications. Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is a transparent and heat resistant high-performance thermoplastic, known for its high toughness, flexural, and tensile strength.

U.S. Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) Market Size, By Application, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)
U.S. Polyphenylsulfone Market Size, By Application, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons) ?


Increasing demand for medical devices will surge the demand for PPSU materials, thereby driving the global polyphenylsulfone market size. The medical devices market valuation is anticipated to increase over the coming years, primarily due to the increasing pervasiveness for cardiovascular, chronic, and oral problems worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases account for nearly 31% of all deaths worldwide. Reportedly, about half of the world’s population suffers from some form of oral disease. High occurrence of these ailments will generate a demand for surgical and dental instruments, which is a positive sign for polyphenylsulfone market growth.

The demand for polyphenylsulfone materials in medical instruments will be further driven by the growing elderly population. UN’s World Population Prospects estimates the population of individuals aged 60 or over to more than double by 2050. The elderly population’s susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases and other ailments will boost the demand for medical devices, thereby escalating global polyphenylsulfone market share.

Baby feeding bottle is another application that substantially embraces the benefits of polyphenylsulfone. Due to PPSU’s super optical properties and high-temperature resistance, the material finds extensive use in baby feeding bottle manufacturing. Baby feeding bottles are deemed to be in high demand, due to growing baby population across emerging economies and shifting consumer preference for safe and durable baby products, thus augmenting polyphenylsulfone market share.

In terms of regional growth, the North America polyphenylsulfone market, driven by the U.S, Mexico, and Canada is slated to record considerable growth over the coming years. The United States and Canada are witnessing steady growth in geriatric population resulting in a higher demand for dental instruments for oral surgeries. Moreover, rising healthcare costs in the U.S is persuading more Americans to seek medical care in Mexico, thereby boosting its medical tourism market, which will also impact the demand for surgical instruments.

The medical tourism market is also strong across India and Japan which drive the APAC market. India has been observing a rising proportion of medical tourists from across the world, mainly for orthopedics, cosmetic, and cardiac treatments. Japan is also witnessing an influx of Chinese tourists traveling for medical care. This would positively influence the demand for medical supplies and support the Asia Pacific polyphenylsulfone market size.

The burgeoning need to produce automotive parts that weigh less without comprising on the structural integrity in order to decrease metal weight and enhance fuel efficiency could trigger the demand for PPSU materials in the future. The reduction in the weight of transport vehicles also decreases energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Therefore, stringent government regulations concerning vehicular emissions will also fuel the demand for light-weight auto parts, which could contribute to global polyphenylsulfone industry outlook.

Increase in car production fueled by the rising adoption of electric mobility across the world could generate demand for thermoplastics such as PPSU. The electric car market across China, the United States, and Norway is flourishing at great pace. An upturn in electric vehicles and related battery production requirements could mean increased demand for new materials in the automotive sector. As per reliable sources, EVs will make up 35% of the global light vehicle sales by 2040. Thus, the supply of lightweight materials for electric cars could further propel polyphenylsulfone market growth.

Polyphenylsulfone properties include heat and chemical resistance, which makes it a great replacement for polyamide and polycarbonate. These advantages may also foster PPSU market growth over the coming years. Rapid urbanization across emerging nations will create a construction boom, driving demand for PPSU plumbing and pipe fittings in the residential and commercial sector.

Furthermore, PPSU is also gaining popularity in the 3D printing materials market. Recently, for instance, Belgian firm Solvay added Radel polyphenylsulfone to Digimat Additive Manufacturing. The material’s acceptance into new applications will further expand the polyphenylsulfone industry.

According to a research report by global market insights, polyphenylsulfone market is anticipated to be worth more than $500 million by 2025.

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