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3 key trends driving global prenatal vitamin ingredients market share over 2019-2025

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Over the past decade, prenatal vitamin ingredients market has emerged as a leading contributor to the global healthcare industry. It is poised to accrue substantial proceeds in the forecast years owing to surging health concerns among pregnant women and the superior advantages linked with these ingredients.  Prenatal vitamins are available over-the-counter in nearly any pharmacy and are an essential component of pregnancy nutrition in soon-to-be mothers.


In addition to this, prenatal vitamin ingredients are also useful in enhancing nutritional status prior to conception, as the neural tube, which becomes the baby’s spinal cord and brain, develops in the first month of pregnancy. However, prenatal vitamins are an accompaniment for a healthy diet and not a replacement for good nutrition. Prenatal vitamins cannot inevitably meet hundred percent of the mineral and vitamin requirements.

According to the 2016 report on Timing and Adequacy of Prenatal Care in the United States, more than 3 out of 4 women (approximately 77.1%) initiated prenatal care in the first trimester of their pregnancy, in the year 2016. Positive outlook towards pregnancy nutrition in key economies will certainly stimulate prenatal vitamin ingredients market size in the future.

Elaborated below are some notable trends expected to fuel global prenatal vitamin ingredients industry share in the upcoming years:

Burgeoning demand for prenatal neural & brain development

Development of brain and neural architecture is the primary function of prenatal vitamins as brain is the most important organ of the human body. It is hard to get all the crucial nutrients from diet alone, hence prenatal vitamins help in establishing nutrient balance, providing essential nutrition for fetal brain development.  

These products comprise of various antioxidants that protect fetal brain tissues against damage and aid in efficient utilization and optimal absorption of vitamins. Owing to the presence of pure micronutrients these vitamins compensate for any nutritional deficits in the mother’s diet during pregnancy. These supplements encourage the healthy development of the baby’s brain, nervous system, and body, which in turn, drives prenatal vitamin ingredients market outlook.

Demand for EPA/DHA, which promotes optimal cellular health in developing babies, is projected to witness significant growth of approximately 5.5% in the ensuing years.

Fetal brain can be at risk during pregnancy due to infections from the Zika virus, and can be affected by mother’s mental health conditions, smoking and alcohol consumption, and stress levels. Consistent care during pregnancy can help in avoiding complications, such as pre-term delivery, which may affect fetal brain, thereby presenting a favorable revenue pocket for augmenting prenatal vitamin ingredients industry trends.

Rising population to elevate China prenatal vitamin ingredients market size

China, which is the biggest nation globally in terms of population, has emerged as a potential growth ground for prenatal vitamin ingredients industry owing to uncontrolled population explosion, elimination of the one child policy, and growing cases of malnutrition & birth defects in the nation. Reportedly, the nation adopted a two-child policy effective from January 1, 2016, after the existing law was modified by the government.

China market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5.5% due to surging usage of maternity supplements and vitamins in the region.

Factors that account for the impressive growth of prenatal care market in China include high number of baby boomers, enhanced purchasing power of middle class, and surging awareness about birth defects. At present, Chinese parents are more than ready to spend a fortune on superior-quality products and services to protect their unborn babies from potential dangers, which is anticipated to add positive impetus to China industry trends.

Growing consumer awareness regarding prenatal health

Child health and safety have lately become the key focus domains of expecting parents due to rising instances of stillbirths, birth defects, congenital disorders, and premature births. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, every 4 ½ minutes a baby with a birth defect is born, totaling to approximately 120,000 babies with birth defects in a year.

Initiatives and programs offered by healthcare organizations & governments across the globe aimed at educating people about the importance of prenatal care, will further strengthen prenatal vitamin ingredients market outlook. For instance, a healthcare organization in New York has introduced Neonatal Comfort Care program which provides perinatal hospice care to babies with life-limiting conditions, during, before, and after birth, and offers emotional and medical support to the parents.

Increasing awareness about the abnormalities among newborn babies has augmented the growth prospects for high quality, vitamin rich supplements which supply essential nutrients and aid in optimal fetal development and growth. Growing number of brands catering to pregnancy nutrition in the local and international markets has also positively transformed prenatal vitamin ingredients industry outlook over the last decade.

The key companies operating in prenatal vitamin ingredients market include New Chapter, Inc., Twinlab Corporation, Matsun Nutrition, Biotics Research Corporation, MegaFood, Church & Dwight Co. Inc., Garden of Life, Deva Nutrition, Pharmavite, Zahler, and Rainbow Light.

According to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., prenatal vitamin ingredients market is projected to exceed USD 80 million by 2025.

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