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Pulp and Paper Enzymes Market to collect significant revenue from amylase sales, North America to drive the regional landscape

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2017-08-17Request Sample

Pulp and Paper Enzymes Market is characterized by extensive M&As, given the exponential growth of this business sphere that is prompting companies to strengthen their business position. Recently for instance, the world’s leading enzyme manufacturer Novozymes, acquired Organobalance to expand its presence in the microbial space. In addition to this, some of the players have been forging contracts with research institutes to develop eco-friendly technologies to be used in the paper and pulp making industry, considering the hazardous impact of traditional manufacturing processes. Speaking of which, some of the noteworthy giants in pulp & paper enzymes industry are AB Enzymes, Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, Anthem Cellutions pvt. Ltd., Buckman Laboratories, Nature BioScience Pvt. Ltd., Iogen Corporation, Dupont, Biotech, MetGen, Novozymes, Enzyme Solutions, Rossari Biotech, and KPS Bio, Krishna Speciality Chemicals. As per a research report, in 2016, pulp & paper enzymes market held a share of USD 125 million.

U.S. Amylases Pulp & Paper Enzymes Market, By Application, 2013-2024, (Tons)
U.S. Amylases Pulp & Paper Enzymes Market, By Application, 2013-2024, (Tons)

The recent years have witnessed a massive growth in the e-commerce sector, as consumers give preference to online shopping and trading on a large scale. This expansion has subsequently impacted the packaging industry, as trading companies like Flipkart and Amazon are using flexible packaging options to improve the appearance and safety of their deliverable products. However, the governments across various countries are deploying strict norms to reduce the use of plastics and plastic products, which has generated the requirement of eco-friendly packaging. The growing demand of environment friendly packaging will thus, favorably fuel pulp & paper enzymes market.

There are distinct types of enzymes available to carry out chemical processes on paper and pulp products. Paper and pulp manufacturers are using these enzymes as per the requirements – for surface coating, bleaching, pitch treatment, fiber modification, and deinking. Manufacturers are increasingly using amylase enzymes, mainly in the cardboard industry pertaining to its capability to enhance the quality of paper and the ability to alter the viscosity of natural starch. As per the market estimates, pulp & paper enzymes market from amylase, having had a revenue of USD 45 million in 2015, will generate a revenue of more than USD 75 million by the end of 2024. Another factor augmenting the scope of this segment is the increasing demand for smooth paper for printing purposes.

Manufacturers in pulp & paper enzymes market are continuously working to reduce production costs and increase the quality of the product. Pertaining to economic benefits, companies operating in pulp and paper enzymes industry have been using lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose as biological materials. Various countries have implemented numerous rules and regulations to increase the adoption of biological packaging. While limiting the usage of environmentally hazardous material such as plastics for packaging purpose, legislative organizations have introduced eco-design strategies, outlined as follows:

  • The volume and weight of the packaging should be finalized considering the hygiene, safety, and acceptance of the product.
  • Hazardous and toxic content in any packaging should be as minimum as possible to reduce their impact on environment after usage.
  • The end product should be recyclable and be suitable for reuse.

Deployment of such strict regulations have increased the adoption rate of manufacturing biodegradable products, which will significantly boost pulp & paper enzymes industry share over the coming timeframe.

Speaking about the packing industry, this business space exhibits substantial growth across North America. Packaging biggies are strongly involved in product differentiation and research activities to comply with the legislative norms related to the usage of environment friendly materials, which will undeniably impact paper and pulp enzymes industry. As per the market study, North America pulp and paper enzymes market is slated to exhibit an annual growth rate of more than 5.5% over the coming seven years.

Awarding companies occasionally is a tactic used by various governmental organizations to encourage pulp and paper enzymes industry players to increasingly contribute toward the manufacturing of eco-friendly products and   develop new research techniques. Recently, MetGen was selected as finalist at the Pulp and Paper International Awards for producing innovative cellulosic applications – which may have quite a positive influence on the overall pulp & paper enzymes industry. This company was also involved in research and development of novel production techniques. MetGen apparently, has also developed a new process for the optimal production of FDCA. In addition, the company is building its first commercial plant for FDCA with BASF, which will have quite an impact on pulp & paper enzymes market share.

The companies in pulp & paper enzymes industry are manufacturing the enzymes as per consumer requirement, which will undoubtedly enhance the company’s revenue contribution. As per a recent news snippet, MetGen has also formed the ENZINE platform, which is purely engineered to manufacture the product according to customer’s need. The advent of new manufacturing techniques to increase the production capability will generate lucrative opportunities for the market players. According to estimates, pulp & paper enzymes market will exceed a revenue collection of USD 225 million by the end of 2024.

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