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Top 3 trends driving redispersible polymer powder market growth through 2025

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Rising population in developing economies and accelerating demand from construction sector will drive redispersible polymer powder market size. According to the UN DESA 2015 report, the world’s total population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100. Moreover, growing need for sustainable construction materials and high-quality infrastructures will complement industry trends in the forthcoming years.

U.S. Redispersible Polymer Powder Market Share, By End-user, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)
U.S. Redispersible Polymer Powder Market Share, By End-user, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

Redispersible polymer powder is a basically a polymer emulsion which is added into mortar to increase its cohesiveness and flexibility. In fact, in 2016, some Argentinian and German researchers studied the effectiveness of cement blended with redispersible polymer powder (RDP) in dry mix mortars after exposure to elevated temperature and moisture and concluded that RDP could lower prehydration of cement in humid environment and further improve its shelf-life. With such essential benefits, the demand for redispersible polymer powder is estimated to surge immensely and in turn drive industry share over the forecast period.

Pressing need for insulation systems in the construction sector to drive redispersible polymer powder market outlook

Changing climatic conditions worldwide have led to the demand for exterior thermal insulation system (ETIS). The technology uses RDP (redispersible polymer powder) and other additive compounds to offer improved comprehensive performances like water resistance, weatherability, adhesion strength and durability, which further enables prolonged exposure to various weather conditions.

ETIS also provides energy efficiency to buildings while responding to increasingly rigorous thermal building standards and norms. Increasing adoption of ETI systems to avoid expensive retrofits and renovations of older buildings as well as rising demand for cost-effective insulation solutions for new buildings and homes will complement RDP industry growth.

Moreover, rapid technological advancements in the construction sector along with surging demand from regions with adverse climatic conditions will bolster growth in insulation systems application segment, further driving redispersible polymer powder market size.

Growing use of vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) in adhesives to boost RDP powder market growth

Vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) is a vital polymer that can be used by mixing with materials like cement, sand and other lightweight aggregates. VAE redispersible powder is also used as a binder in building materials and adhesives as it improves adhesion, abrasion resistance, and flexural strength.

It enhances the expediency of modified compounds like repair mortars, self-leveling compounds, gypsum-based compounds and more. In addition, it has relatively good mechanical properties as well as bonding and UV resistance which make it highly suitable for exterior building applications.

Increasing adoption of VAE in adhesives has led to improved product offerings. For instance, VAE adhesives offer machining properties as well as added benefit of enhanced adhesion to surfaces like vinyl, aluminum, etc. They also exhibit good flexibility, water resistance, and superior adhesive binding properties coupled with more user-friendly compounding characteristics.

Rising demand for low VOC, advanced vinyl acetate ethylene emulsion for exterior masonry facade paints & plasters will bolster industry size. Paints and plasters made with VAE emulsion exhibit good color retention, good outdoor durability and low dirt pick-up as well as imparts good fire-retardant properties.

Rising construction expenditure to drive Europe redispersible polymer powder market

Robust demand for residential and non-residential building projects across Western Europe is estimated to support the growth of the regional construction sector, thereby propelling redispersible polymer powder market size. According to European Steel Association (EUROFER), real estate markets in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands remain in an expansionary phase, driven by strong private demand for housing and supported by rising incomes and easy access to financing.

Private and public investment in non-residential construction has also gained traction. Meanwhile, civil engineering activity is advancing in several European countries owing to improving investment in infrastructure projects, thereby complimenting market expansion. Rapid expansion in Europe’s cement industry coupled with increasing revenue growth by regional players will most likely boost Europe redispersible polymer powder market size over the forthcoming years.

Driven by an expansive construction domain worldwide in tandem with the robust demand for insulation systems and VAE polymers in construction activities, the overall redispersible polymer powder market outlook is expected to depict a commendable transformation ahead. Moreover, Global Market Insights, Inc. anticipates redispersible polymer powder market size to reach over US $2 billion by 2025.

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