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Unveiling the end-use spectrum of sandblasting media market: aerospace sector to emerge as a prime investment avenue by 2025

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The increasing popularity of abrasive blasting for surface cleaning, stripping, and coating purposes have been pushing sandblasting media market trends over the last few years. The surging use of the sandblasting process to remove burrs and sharp edges, and to obtain components of a specific geometry – right from wooden products to metal parts has been influencing sandblasting media industry outlook on a large scale. In addition, considering the innumerable benefits of abrasive blasting, most of the companies across the globe have been giving preference to the sandblasting process for cleaning operations over other modes of cleaning.

U.S. Sandblasting Media Market Size, By Application, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)
U.S. Sandblasting Media Market Size, By Application, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

Initially, sandblasting had been considered a low profile, minimal technology-intrusive technique. With the advent of novel technology trends though, sandblasting media industry outlook has undergone a tremendous transformation. Numerous industry verticals such as the aerospace, automotive, metalworking, and energy have adopted this process on a large scale for developing high-performance coatings and improving the surface texture of components. The paragraphs enumerated below elaborate the significant influence of the increasing adoption rate of the sandblasting process by a couple of the most lucrative end-use sectors – the aerospace and automotive verticals.

Increasing investment in aircraft development to propel sandblasting media market size:

Over the last few years, the increasing use of air freights for transportation and tourism have encouraged many countries to invest in the development of aircraft. The surging development of aircrafts has also been positively influencing other inter-related industrial contenders such as engine manufacturers, infotainment suppliers, and many more. With regards to the manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft engines, it is prudent to mention that currently, the automatic abrasive blast cleaning process is being robustly used for cleaning vanes and fan blades of aircraft engine, owing to the time saving and ergonomically efficient methodology of the process. It is thus rather evident that the adoption of highly efficient blasting processes will impact sandblasting media market size.

As aircraft engines require a more precise design, aircraft engine manufacturers have been prominently giving preference for robotic sandblasting systems that will considerably augment the market share. In addition to aircraft engine development, sandblasting process has been extensively used across aerospace sector for manufacturing wheels, airfoils, wings ribs and skins which would also serve to impel the product demand.

Ever-growing automotive sector to have a remarkable influence on the sandblasting media market

The production as well as sales of automobiles have surged considerably in the last few years. In accordance, automakers have been adopting advanced manufacturing processes for increasing production capacity as well as improving design features of auto components. In order to improve the load carrying capacity and life cycle of the differential, transmission, and steering gears, automotive product manufacturers have been using the shot peening method extensively. The increasing preference for this method due to its capability to maintain a high level of accuracy and ability to produce rugged construction at very low cost will further push sandblasting media market outlook.

Shifting focus on the deployment of renewable energy facilities to push sandblasting media industry share

The growing awareness among the regional governments about the environmental benefits of renewable energy solutions will have a positive influence on product demand, owing to the increasing use of sandblasting methods for providing a coating over gas turbine buckets and solid oxide fuel cell components. As per a report compiled by Global Market Insights, Inc., by the end of 2024, overall fuel cell market will generate revenue of USD 6 billion while gas turbine market will surpass installation capacity of 34 GW. The increasing investment in gas turbine and fuel cell based energy generation alternatives will thus generate lucrative opportunities for the players in sandblasting media market.

All in all, the increasing use of sandblasting methods across prominent end-use sectors will prove to be revenue generating opportunity for the biggies in sandblasting media market. The development of new and advanced sandblasting techniques and their surging adoption across myriad domains will further stimulate product demand over the years ahead. For the record, sandblasting media market is anticipated to surpass a valuation of USD 12 billion by the end of 2025.

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