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Top 3 trends impelling silver nanowires market over 2019-2025

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Silver nanowires market size is expected to depict a considerable rise throughout the forecast period on account of the product’s widespread application spectrum. Silver nanowires are a class of silver nanoparticles which exhibit distinct optical, electrical, and thermal properties. Owing to this, silver nanowires can be incorporated into a wide range of products ranging from photovoltaic to biological sensors.

US Silver Nanowire Market Share, By Optical Application, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)

US Silver Nanowire Market Share, By Optical Application, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)

The high electrical conductivity of silver nanowires along with the considerable flexibility and optical transparency allow its utilization in advanced electronics devices. Some of the critical application trends that will create immense product demand in the upcoming years are stated underneath.

Display technology ? How would it propel silver nanowires sale?

The advancement of display technology has brought up a revolution in the gadget industry. The advent of miniaturized and low powered LCD displays paved ways for handheld devices. As manufacturers seek to shift from rigid touchscreen displays to more flexible ones, the implementation of silver nanowires in the displays could be rapidly observed in the coming years.

Currently the display technology uses brittle indium tin oxide (ITO) as the conductive film, which cannot bend, roll, or fold. Therefore, researchers are turning to emerging technologies such as silver nanowires which can provide all the flexible qualities to displays.

Smartphones with flexible and folding screen could soon be a reality with the implementation of low-cost, and transparent conductive films made from silver nanowires. The increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets will propel product demand from the display manufacturers.

Recently a leading Chinese manufacturer of organic light-emitting diode screens (OLED) announced that the company will focus on developing flexible OLEDs for smartphones and wearable devices. Similar such initiatives are likely to enhance silver nanowire industry prospects owing to increased utilization of the product for manufacturing flexible smartphone displays. Furthermore, numerous smartphone manufacturers have been developing new range of mobile devices with flexible display.

Other than just smartphones, the surging demand for flexible display screens for wearable devices, vehicle-mounted systems, and smart homes equipment will impel silver nanowires market industry outlook.

Flexible Electronic circuits ? How will 3D printing technology increase product demand?

Electronic circuits integrated in rigid silicon wafers poses many challenges for next generation electronics, but flexibility opens up a wide range of applications. In this modern world where electronics are proliferating by the minute, flexibility can add more desirable features to components.

Previously restrained by the unavailability of materials to produce flexible circuits, the introduction of silver nanowires appears to solve all remaining challenges of performance and manufacturing cost. Reportedly, a collaborative research between the University of Hamburg and DESY has developed a technology which made use of silver nanowires to produce transparent and flexible electronic circuits for 3D printing.

A 3D printer with the printing material consisting of a mesh of silver nanowires was used to print the circuits which were then embedded in various flexible and transparent plastics (polymers). Incorporation of such technology can enable more new applications such as printable light-emitting diodes and solar cells.

Moreover, it would prove as a novel approach towards producing miniaturized pre-shaped circuits those can be easily integrated into existing structural units. The technology will not only improve component density in terms of space and weight, but also create immense opportunities to expand circuit complexities and size.

Furthermore, incorporation of silver nanowire to manufacture conductive inks used to print flexible circuits will also boost silver nanowires market share. For instance, a company called C3Nano has developed a conductive ink dubbed as ActiveGrid Gen7 ink, which consist of silver nanowires.

The product is estimated to deliver superb flexibility to withstand more than a million bend cycles, along with improved conductivity with the presence of silver. C3Nano patented NanoGlue technology infuses silver nanowires in such a way that it creates a more transparent grid yielding superior clarity, conductivity, and flexibility. Reportedly the ActiveGrid ink is already in mass production for a couple of initial flexible display devices.

Flexible organic solar cells ? What factors will strengthen future industry trends?

With rising need for renewables, minimizing the cost of solar photovoltaics and maximizing the efficiency tends to be major a challenge. Researchers are on a hunt for seeking such technologies which will improve cost effectiveness and efficiency of solar photovoltaics.

As per research, flexible organic solar cells (FOSCs) based on silver nanowire films should have high power conversion efficiency. With low fabrication cost and equipped with bendable and foldable properties, FOSCs will command substantial popularity ahead.

Though the existing rooftop photovoltaic cells offer satisfactory performance in terms of cost, their inflexible design creates limitations for the building aesthetics. Inversely, the flexible organic solar cells are lightweight, flexible, and semi-transparent which can be deployed anywhere on the building surface.

For instance, if these FOSCs are deployed on exterior walls and windows, they can efficiently produce energy without disturbing the building aesthetics. Furthermore, as the FOSCs can change their shape, they can be easily integrated into exteriors while constructing structures to enhance the overall building’s appearance.

Silver nanowires market will be driven by the multiple benefits in terms of product applications across display technology, flexible PCB, solar PV and many more. Growing demand for innovative technologies will support silver nanowires industry forecast. According to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., silver nanowires market size will surpass USD 1.5 billion by 2025.

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