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Europe sodium metasilicate pentahydrate market to record substantial gains from electroplating applications, rising infrastructure investment to drive the industry growth over 2019-2025

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Increasing consumption of consumer goods and an upsurge in infrastructure spending has extended the sodium metasilicate pentahydrate market penetration across a broad spectrum of product categories and industrial applications. In general, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate (SMP) is widely deployed in the production of detergents, paints, adhesives, textiles and silica gel, besides acting as a crucial reagent in several metal treatment processes. Improved purchasing power of consumers worldwide has gradually propelled the demand for washing products, cosmetics, chemicals and construction materials, supporting utilization of the compound and the proliferation of the sodium metasilicate pentahydrate industry. Apparently, SMP is suited to be used by the cement industry for enhancing the strength of the material and accelerate coagulation while laying concrete layers.

U.S. 29% Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate Market Size, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)

  U.S. 29% Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate Market Size, 2018 & 2025, (Kilo Tons)

Over the past decade, the global building and construction sector has witnessed unprecedented growth not only in terms of monetary benefits but also the scope and scale of projects. The industry presents lucrative prospects for ancillary companies to take advantage of the infrastructure boom, including concrete, metal, transportation and mining businesses. SMP seems to have found a variety of uses throughout all of these segments, from treatment of metal surfaces, metal cleaning and electroplating to mineral floatation. Rapid development of industrial and construction projects in regions like Europe and Asia-Pacific will generate massive revenues for the sodium metasilicate pentahydrate market due to consistent utilization of metal components and cement.

Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate market to benefit from the increased infrastructure spending in Europe

Evidently, the European Union has been experiencing development at a remarkable pace and has been able to sustain investments in crucial industry verticals such as automotive, construction and manufacturing.      Key sodium metasilicate pentahydrate suppliers have been able to leverage the augmented demand from these segments to reinforce their stance in the market. Construction of commercial buildings and public infrastructure like bridges and roads warrants the use of a vast amount of cement materials and metals, where SMP could play a major role in ensuring a high quality of work is delivered. The Europe represents a promising regional target for the sodium metasilicate pentahydrate industry due to rising public expenditure by government agencies. 

Describing the market potential further, the European Commission recently confirmed it would invest about €4 billion (US$4.8 billion) for 25 major infrastructure projects in ten of its member nations, with an equal contribution from the members as well. Valued at a total of €8 billion (US$8.96 billion), the project would encompass sectors like public buildings, transport, energy, hospitals and connectivity. Various railway lines, road and highways, gas pipelines and campus improvements would be carried out under the plans. The funds would also help develop water treatment projects, and SMP is used in mineral or froth floatation process which is a critical step in treatment of wastewater.

Electroplating to offer substantial opportunities to the Europe sodium metasilicate pentahydrate market

Although a large number of products that contain sodium metasilicate are available in the consumer markets, continuous adoption of SMP is being observed across electroplating applications. The process essentially increasing resistance of metals against corrosion, oxidation, high temperatures and enhances lifespan of the components. The various advantages of electroplating make the process extensively common in the manufacturing of automotive and aerospace parts. In 2016, the European aerospace and defense sector had a turnover of more than €220 billion (over US$246 billion), indicating the colossal revenues accumulated by businesses suppling aviation parts.

Driven by continuous expansion of the aerospace industry in the near future, there would undoubtedly be significant growth opportunities for the Europe sodium metasilicate pentahydrate market from electroplating of aircraft components. The region is home to prominent industry players like Silmaco and Mistral industrial Chemicals, in addition to boasting of the presence of other international SMP suppliers such as US-based Sigma-Aldrich Corporation.

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