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Truck loader crane market to accrue hefty proceeds from the construction sector, robust technological advancements to characterize the industry landscape over 2019-2025

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The rapid growth in the construction, utility, & telecom sectors has indeed pushed the truck loader crane market trends in recent years, given that these domains seemingly demand exceptionally safe and effective loading and unloading operations. Truck loader cranes, as a matter of fact, come with clamshell buckets, grapples or grab attachments which allow them to firmly hold and move heavy material and equipment. The crane also comes with an aerial platform attachment which significantly eases the job of utility or telecom workers to fix malfunctioning poles and towers. Due to longer working radius and increased lifting capacity, truck loader cranes have thus found profound applications across industries such as logistics, construction, mining, telecom, utility, material handling, and more, that would undeniably enhance truck loader crane industry share.

Japan truck loader crane market, by product, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)

Japan truck loader crane market, by product, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)

Massive developments in the utility and telecom sectors across the regions like the U.S., China, India, U.K., and France will offer ample opportunities to the truck loader crane market contenders. These regions are increasingly demanding improved electricity and telecom infrastructure to meet the rising consumer demands. The telecom industry as a matter of fact, is witnessing an accelerated growth across the globe, generating considerable demand for trucks loader cranes as they help to efficiently erect small mobile towers and equipment in remote location to offer connectivity to the suburban population. Utility workers also use the product to repair electricity poles and transformers at times of outage or malfunctions. The product’s capability to perform more work in less time will thus push the overall truck loader crane industry trends.

How will the expanding construction industry contribute to the growth of the global truck loader crane market?

The construction sector, irrefutably, is expected to be a major end-use domain for the overall truck loader crane market. The product’s capability to move equipment like large pipes and other components quickly and easily into trenches or down steep hills makes it an ideal asset on remote construction sites. Furthermore, construction projects like bridges and overpasses have mandated truck loader cranes as a common work site equipment for assisting applications that involve heavy lifting or lifting materials onto arenas on a higher altitude. As the construction sector expands, the requirement for these machinery will gradually upsurge, massively augmenting the truck loader crane market.


The industry growth is also expected to receive momentum from the exponential pace of infrastructural development and the construction of new residential & commercial projects in countries like Germany, China, Brazil, etc. As per estimates, truck loader crane market size from the construction sector was valued at a mammoth $550 million in 2018.

An upcoming trend that has been characterizing truck loader crane market is the advancement in anti-idling technology. Trucks loader cranes, in order to control their electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic components draw power from the truck’s idle running diesel engine which seemingly generates a large amount of carbon emissions leading to a high percentage of environmental pollution. To counter this issue manufacturers are introducing anti-idling technologies which offer more fuel-efficient, low emission loading & unloading capabilities.

For instance, truck crane manufacturer Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT) recently introduced its 35DHP power pack that allows operators to control a hydraulic or air compressor crane with the truck’s engine being turned off, delivering significant maintenance and fuel savings while meeting anti-idling laws. The advent of technologies such as these will further propel the truck loader crane industry growth over 2019-2025.

Truck loader crane manufacturers are constantly investing in R&D activities to develop cranes which offer technical features like management assistance, remote control, and IoT compatibility and to bring in construction application-based machines with higher lifting capacities. Manufacturers including Palfinger, HIAB, Effer, etc., are known to be developing efficient products that are compatible with trucks and offer the aforementioned features.

The truck loader crane market is traversing along a profitable growth curve, as manufacturers are increasingly introducing advanced features like management assistance and remote-control in product development. Several truck loader crane industry contenders are developing highly-efficient cranes to serve more applications and provide easy accessibility to operators. Driven by these efforts in tandem with the rapid development in the construction and telecom sectors, truck loader crane market size is touted to hit the $2.5 billion mark by 2025. 

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