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Outlining Vacuum Pump Market trends in terms of the competitive scenario: new product launches to bring forth lucrative returns over 2018-2025

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Powered by a widespread application scope and ongoing technological advancements, vacuum pump market trends have undergone a tremendous transformation since the last few years. The extensive involvement of industry players in research and development activities has been paving the way for remarkable breakthroughs in futuristic vacuum technology requirements. Having recognized the significance of frequent product launches, vacuum pump market contenders have been focusing lately on the development of customized solutions to strengthen their customer base.

Germany Vacuum Pump Market size, by end-user, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)
Germany Vacuum Pump Market size, by end-user, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)


Speaking of advancements in vacuum technology, the end-users across myriad sectors ranging from solar manufacturing to scientific instrumentation and flat panel display to semiconductors have been going the whole hog to tap the benefits of modern vacuum mechanisms. The subsequent deployment of modern vacuum pumps for pumping services across numerous industrial applications is thus poised to boost vacuum pump market share.

In the last few years, biggies in vacuum pump market have set different business goals to attain a dominant market position. Their approach toward improving their current stance has been remarkably influencing the quality and design performance of vacuum pumps, which has positively impacted the shelf life and cost-effectiveness of the products. The optimized approach of players toward new product developments and business expansions is certainly poised to push vacuum pump market size. Some of the recent instances witnessed across vacuum pump market that are likely to etch a positive growth path for this industry are described below:

How Leybold, Atlas Copco, and Edwards combinedly contributed toward vacuum pump market expansion

Of late, it has been observed that reliability and cleanliness are becoming highly important in most of the production processes. Having recognized that efficient vacuum technology development could fulfill these industrial requirements, a few days before, Leybold, a subsidiary of the Atlas Copco Group, unveiled an oil-free vacuum pump with two variants of speed, which are designed to be useful in dusty and moist processes. Through in-depth R&D, the product manufacturers have successfully reduced the operating noise and maintenance cost associated with the Oil-Free VARODRY Vacuum Pump. In addition, the compact design helps users to integrate this product into existing systems very easily.

Speaking more about this product launch, the speed variants have made it ideal for industrial vacuum requirement with low investment and operating costs. This innovative product prevents oil leaks and particle emissions in a vacuum chamber, which will turn out to be a tremendous help to speed up industrial processes. It is thus rather overt, that with the launch of this maintenance-free and robust pump, Leybold has set a new benchmark ahead for the giants in vacuum pump market.

Prior to this launch, the parent company of Leybold, Atlas Copco unveiled its new product – a multiple dry claw vacuum pump system which is ideally suited for the industries operating in dry and hot working environments. This newly developed vacuum pump aims to provide high energy efficiency and better operational performance. The future deployment of this product for performing numerous dry pumping applications comprising pneumatic pumping, packaging lines, and drying processes is certain to fuel vacuum pump market trends over the years ahead.

With the development of a next-generation oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, the UK headquartered vacuum engineering company, Edwards had aimed to expand its customer base. This subsidiary of Atlas Copco designed a safe, stable, and compact size vacuum pump which could be suitable for applications in explosive environments especially in chemical processing industries. While developing this variant of vacuum pump, the designers of Edwards focused on customary requirements mainly across the U.S. and European belts. Post the launch, analysts deem that this approach could help Edwards considerably extend its customer base across North America and Europe. In addition, the deployment of these new products across the chemical, automotive, degassing, and pharmaceutical sectors has helped giants in vacuum pump market to extend their application scope across most of the industries.

It is rather overt that with the launch of a novel pumping system portfolio, core companies are looking forward to achieving competitive benefits ahead. The increasing need of highly efficient and environment-friendly pumping systems is considerably encouraging giants in vacuum pump market to carry out intensive research programs as well. The recent R&D outcomes such as improved lifecycle and cost-effectiveness will prove to be game-changing for the biggies in vacuum pump market, which is predicted to generate a revenue of over USD 6.5 billion by the end of 2025.

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