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Water softener market to accumulate hefty returns from industrial applications, rising water treatment plant construction to stimulate the industry trends over 2018-2024

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The increasing preference for high quality water for various industrial and residential applications has been propelling water softener market from the last few years. The presence of minerals like magnesium and calcium in the water has led to the generation of numerous problems comprising galvanic corrosion, scaling, foul plumbing, brittle hair, and dry skin. In response, many companies have been developing a wide range of technologically advanced products to eliminate the hardness of water. The surging deployment of such innovative water softeners in offices and homes for converting hard water into soft water will fuel water softener industry share over the years ahead.

China Water Softener Market Size, By Product, 2017 & 2024, (Units)

China Water Softener Market Size, By Product, 2017 & 2024, (Units)

In many industrial applications, due to the use of hard water for various processes, the efficiency and performance of the system in question is considerably reduced. For instance, the performance of the boiler decreases due to scaling formation on its inner surface through the hard water circulation. This scaling acts as an insulator and prevents heat transfer which leads to costly downtime and premature failure of boiler. In this regard, many industries including chemical, refineries, and pharmaceuticals have been increasingly deploying water softener equipment on a large scale which will considerably influence the water softener market share.

Taking into account the surging adoption of water softener systems across residential as well as industrial sectors for improving the quality of water, the giants in water softener market have been investing in major research and development activities. With constant involvement in R&D activities to innovate next-generation water purification and filtration systems, biggies are mainly targeting food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing companies – the ones that fuel the product demand for maintaining the highest purity of water. 3M, one of the leading contributors of water softener market has been continuously striving to develop a new range of products for achieving a dominating business position.

Speaking along the same line, in 2014, 3M also had expanded its facilities across the U.S., focusing on the growing demand for water purification solutions. In this regard, it contracted nearly 35 service dealers to spread its business in the regions where Pentair, Culligan, and other giants in water softener industry have already established their stance. Also, with the approach of personalized campaigning to expand the residential water equipment business, 3M has successfully tried to tap water distributors and homeowners. Moreover, it had also planned to have approximately 400 dealers across U.S. to compete with other water technology providers.

In India, taking into account the increasing health concerns among the populace regarding purified water, water purifier makers have been manufacturing water softeners on a large scale that will have positive influence on the APAC water softener market share. Validating the aforementioned fact, in 2016, leading water purifier maker, Kent RO Systems has improved its product portfolio with the launch of new home cleaning products and water softeners. It also revealed its plan to launch nearly three to four products of every category every year. This product development strategy will help Kent RO Systems to attract more consumers pertaining to the launch of advanced versions of existing products.

Many state governments across various countries have been investing in the construction of water treatment plants taking into account the growing need of high quality consumable water pertaining to surging urbanization and industrialization. For instance, one of the Indian states, Karnataka has invested more than INR 300 crore to develop drinking water supply projects. The subsequent involvement of governments in the construction of drinking water treatment plants in poised to propel water softener industry size.

The marketing plans adopted by the industry giants to promote the use of water treatment equipment will help them to capture a leading position across this business space. In addition, the development of a new range of technologically advanced water treatment solutions will have a significant impact on the product demand. In line with the increasing deployment of water treatment plants, water softener market will surpass a revenue collection of USD 10 billion by the end of 2024.

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