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Broco Tactical to unveil 3 new products at 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2020-01-21 

Broco Tactical is reportedly introducing the latest line of forced entry and rescue & repair products in Las Vegas, Nevada, for military, law enforcement, and first responders at 2020 SHOT Show, from 21st-24th January. The California-based company is a part of the Broco Rankin family of companies, which manufactures and designs exothermic cutting and welding equipment for underwater and industrial purposes.

PMA Protective Metal Alloys, Rankin Hardfacing and Chamberlain Security are part of Rankin Industries. It manufactures hardfacing, buildup, and specialty nickel alloy products and supplies them through a global distributor network.

The company will be positioned at Booth #20430 at Sands Expo Center, Level 2. The latest, multi-function, full sized, stand-alone Broco Breacher Training Door will be displayed, which is the most versatile training door available, made of T1 heat treated steel. This 1¾" thick door makes use of rams, hydraulic tools, ballistics, pry bars, cutting saws, and explosive strip charges, designed for breacher training. Alongside this product, Gapper™ Electric Hydraulic Spreader and Easylight 2™ Cutting Rods (the new and approved, patent pending) will also be displayed.

The Gapper™ Electric Hydraulic Spreader is a compact and lightweight backpacked electric power pack that consist of CF-3 spreader (Crow’s Foot), with the spreading force of 3000 psi. It allows quick, quiet, and easy opening of security gates and metal doors and gives access to all types of opening doors, be it inward or outward.

Broco’s Easylight 2™ Cutting Rods, to be displayed at the SHOT Show, can be ignited from 9V battery, mechanical sparker, or open flame. The patent pending design can perform rod ignition at a faster pace. The length of Easylight 2 is 24", with 3/8" diameter. It is the newest component of the renowned Broco Exothermic Cutting Torch System.

According to president of Broco Rankin, Richard Ferry, breaching is an integral segment of the forced entry market. The new Broco Breacher Training Door is designed to cater to training needs of customers such as law enforcement, military, and first responders that employ Broco products.

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