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Chinese manufacturer supplies 3D-printed safety glasses to hospitals

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2020-03-17 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, all manufacturing industries in China have offered ways to fight against the same. Face masks, safety goggles, and medical protective clothing are currently among the most needed and scarce items for the frontline medical staff.

Short supply is always a major challenge, and the consequent demand gap is even larger, particularly for safety goggles owing to small output, long production cycle via traditional craft, and difficulty in expanding production.

In recent news, a leading manufacturer of large safeguard equipment in China used more than 200 Flashforge Guider2 3D printers for large-scale safety goggle production.

Reportedly, the daily output of 3D printing safety goggles will increased from 600 to 2,000, further boosting mass production, alleviating the shortage of medical supplies and supporting the frontline of anti-COVID-19.

The company’s R&D team, as per credible sources, used 3D printing technology to design, build, and finalize the product within just 153 hours before realizing the mass production of 3D-printed safety goggles.

Apparently, the 3D-printed goggles are lighter, convenient to wear, and better protected and sealed from fog for long durations.

The head of the company noted that 3D-printed safety glasses have a much faster design cycle. Also, the production volume using 3D printing is more scalable compared to traditional manufacturing.

Sources familiar with the development report that before publishing time, over 5,000 pairs of goggles had been supplied to hospitals through donations. The company believes that increased manufacturing capacity will help reduce the pressure of safety goggle shortage.

The company said it will further expand the production capacity in the future if required to a daily output of about 10,000 pairs.

As a professional manufacturer of safeguard equipment, the company has made multiple comparisons while selecting equipment. Some of the notable features of 3D printing technology are higher accuracy, large printing volume, and long-term printing stability.

After comparing a number of 3D printing brands, the company finally chose Flashforge Guider2. As of now, around 200 Flashforge Guider2 have been deployed.


Source: https://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/business/chinese-hospitals-use-d-safety-goggles-for-protection/article_d3895e13-ad8d-5b3f-8543-c42ac8a57cdd.html

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