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CURE Pharma inks cannabis licensing agreement with Vanguard Scientific

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2020-02-14 

Cure Pharmaceutical, a pharma firm involved in the delivery and development of drugs, recently announced it has inked an agreement for collaboration and licensing with Vanguard Scientific Systems, Inc.

Vanguard is a leading equipment, performance solutions, and systems provider to the botanical extraction industry, that includes both, next-generation GMP compliant CO2 extraction tech- MIDAS XII and CO2 facility solutions that are industrially scaled.

Apparently, the license will give Vanguard the rights to practice the patented cannabis extraction methods of CURE, offering customers the confidence to choose the portfolio of extraction manufacturers of Vanguard.

CURE Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Rob Davidson commented that the license agreement will give operational freedom to the leader within the supercritical fluid extraction industry. The latter is dedicated to the pharma-grade standards by continuing the company’s licensing strategy that is powered by Cure.

Davidson further added that the company will build on the license and collaborate with Vanguard Scientific experts for the expansion of licensed patent estate to be able to cover the majority of the recent advances within the field.

According to reliable sources, CURE has awarded Vanguard the rights to pending and issued process portfolio and the composition patents for the isolation of all the cannabinoids by utilizing an enhanced supercritical fluid extraction tech that uses CO2 as its solvent. CURE has reportedly reserved the entire rights towards applying the methods in an oral thin film as the patents shall cover the use of cannabis extracts in several dosage forms.

Vanguard Scientific’s CEO, Matthew Anderson stated that CURE leads the innovations in cannabinoid drug delivery and the collaboration and license agreement shall assure the customers while they choose the extraction solutions.

Vanguard Scientific aims to expand its traction within the marketplace by encouraging a focused patented strategy that will offer the clients a wide array of defensible and protected separation capabilities.


Source Credit- https://curepharmaceutical.com/multimedia/press-releases/cure-pharmaceutical-licenses-cannabis-extraction-patents-to-vanguard-scientific

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