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General Motors to add 3500 free EV charging stations for employees

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2020-03-04 


  • The new EV chargers would be incorporated at company’s facilities in the United States and Canada.
  • Charging for the GM employees would be made free on all occasions.

Considering its employees benefits, the US headquartered General Motors has announced adding nearly 3500 EV charging stations to its facilities in the United States and Canada. It will work closely with charging infrastructure companies to commence installing the charging locations by late this year.

As per credible reports, the company currently hosts over more than 900 charging stations. Most of these stations have been clustered in larger cities and sites with high concentration of EV activities. Apparently, this is expected to triple the number of charging spots for the GM employees compared to that it has currently being providing.

According to an official press release, the growing popularity of Chevrolet Bolt EV and prominence of GMC and Cadillac models have prompted the company to ensure the convenience of its employees in EV charging as the employee EV-owner population is drastically expanding. In pursuit of this, General Motors would prioritize locations of L2 charging station sites depending upon the employee needs. The deployment of L2 chargers add up to 25 miles of range every hour for the current Chevrolet Bolt EV model.

Besides, as per claims put forth by the US Department of Energy, there is six times more possibility of drivers across the globe to drive an EV when the charging capabilities at the workplace are increased.

Commenting on this matter, the President of GM, Mark Reuss reportedly cited that the decision of adding more EV chargers globally would uncomplicate the path to making EV ownership easier for people overall, specially, its own employees. He further added that considering the fact that charging infrastructure is important for the expansive acceptance of EVs, the company would take every measure possible to improve it for both the employees and its customers, thereby encouraging the companies to move on the same path in the near future.

Source credit: https://electrek.co/2020/03/03/gm-3500-free-ev-charging-stations-employees/

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