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iBio unveils the first FastGlycaneering Development Service™

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2019-12-12 

iBio, a renowned New York based biotechnology firm, reportedly launched FastGlycaneering Development Service™, that includes a range of new glycosylation technologies to power high-performance recombinant protein production.

Using iBio’s plant-based manufacturing platform, biosimilar producers and biopharmaceutical innovators would be able to leverage low cost oligomannose modification capabilities, afucosylation controls, and conventional glycosylation techniques to develop novel antibody therapeutics, biosimilars and high-quality biobetters.

Tom Isett, a member of Board of Directors, iBio, reportedly stated that combining the speed of iBio’s FastPharming Manufacturing System™ with the advanced glycan engineering technologies creates a more effective and efficient alternative of producing biopharmaceuticals in cell-based mammalian systems or CHO. Isett further added that Dr. Sylvain Marcel, VP of Protein Expression Sciences is likely to unlock iBio’s N. benthamiana expression system with these innovations.

Robert B. Kay, CEO and Chairman, iBio, reportedly stated that the company has taken another step with proven results in the manufacturing of growth factors, virus-like particles, biologics, fusion proteins and monoclonal antibodies. The company is thrilled to present new services of FastGlycaneering during the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics meeting held in San Diego, CA, during a talk.

About iBio:

iBio, Inc., is a globally recognized full-service biologics manufacturing firm. iBio’s FastPharming System™ combines automated hydroponics, glycan engineering and vertical farming technologies that are capable of rapidly delivering high-quality vaccines, bioinks, monoclonal antibodies and proteins.

The team of iBio comprises of knowledgeable microbiologists, protein scientists, regulatory and manufacturing experts that use their expertise and value throughout the entire process. The team producing clinical and preclinical material also produces products for market launch, thereby contributing to the scale-up process platform created by iBio technology.

The FastPharming platform produces a variety of products including, antigens for subunit vaccine design, VLP (Virus-like particles), lysosomal enzymes, biobetter and biosimilar antibodies, blood factors and cytokines, maturogens, scaffolds and, materials for 3D biofabrication and bioprinting.


Source credit: https://www.ibioinc.com/news/ibio-introduces-fastglycaneering-development-service-to-power-recombinant-protein-production

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