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Smartphone applications to drive foldable display market trends

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2019-07-11Request Sample

Growing advancements across the electronics and media sector is likely to transform foldable display market outlook over the years ahead. Over the last few years, electronics and media industry has experienced remarkable advancements as far as display technologies are concerned. Shifting focus of smartphone manufacturers toward development of consumer-centric product ranges to increase their consumer base will have a notable impact on product demand over the years ahead.

Asia Pacific foldable display market, country, 2025 (USD Million)

Asia Pacific foldable display market, country, 2025 (USD Million)

Foldable displays are flexible in nature, on account of which they can provide design flexibility and manufacturing feasibility to the electronic devices producers. Integration of these displays in new devices provides several benefits over traditional non-foldable displays. Nowadays, increasing adoption of such technology trends by leading smartphone and other electronics equipment manufacturers is slated to enhance foldable display market share over the years ahead.

The folding display technology will be able to solve the problems of accidental damage from falling, currently a general issue among the smartphone users. The foldable phones will provide a much larger display in terms of a smaller design to create a magical experience for multi-tasking on mobile devices. Larger displays are worth for watching videos, playing games, and reading stuff online, driving in more buyers for foldable display devices and further surging foldable display market size in terms of revenue.

Of late, many electronic devices manufacturers have been investing in new product development. Smartphone giants like Apple have been working to integrate this foldable display technology into smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Increasing acceptance of such new technology trends will further enhance the business potential.

The foldable designs still seem to have some drawbacks, but the companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo are constantly working to eliminate them from the device prototypes. As more and more companies launch their products, foldable display market outlook is bound to transform in the ensuing years. Increasing popularity of upcoming versions of smartphones and wearable devices will further widen the business landscape and support foldable display market expansion.

In terms of regional market trends, North America, the biggest smartphone industry in the world is foreseen to emerge as one of the most profitable grounds for foldable display industry, owing to growing technological advancements as well as high disposable income. Also, the presence of leading giants like Apple and Microsoft in the region, that are planning to incorporate foldable displays in their products may stimulate the regional market growth over the forecast timeline.

Asia Pacific region may witness a modest market growth for foldable displays, given the restrains of high costs of the newly introduced technology and affordability issues among the low-income countries. The expected prices of such foldable display devices are estimated to be too high for the middle-class masses, which may result in the region depicting an average market growth.

Though foldable display devices will increase the overall productivity of electronic components with their larger views, they would never be able to replace a laptop’s ability. Also, the increased thickness and weight of the foldable devices can be a major issue with the users who demand lightweight and lean designs (that are pocket friendly), impelling foldable display industry players to carry out effective research and development programs to introduce new design methodology.

It is noteworthy to mention that the rise in acceptance of innovative electronic visual displays across the smartphone industry is poised to augment business expansion. Considering the future growth prospects of foldable display market, companies have been looking forward to establishing joint ventures and strategic agreements. In addition, growing number of inventions and patents will also help players to gain profitable returns in the years to come.

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