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Category Report : Electronics and Media

Hair care product sales to strengthen personal care appliances market outlook

Published Date: December 2019

Global personal care appliances market will be propelled by growing consumer preferences toward maintaining an appealing appearance and personality. Read More

3 chief trends impacting the global radio access network market size by the end of 2025

Published Date: December 2019

Radio access network market growth will be driven by introduction of favorable government initiatives for the technological enhancements across the telecom sector. Read More

What are the factors propelling robot end-effector market outlook?

Published Date: December 2019

Robot end-effector market growth can be credited to the increasing implementation of robots in the household, manufacturing, and other applications. Read More

Automotive sector to drive magnetic sensors market through 2025

Published Date: December 2019

Global magnetic sensors market outlook will primarily be driven by surging electrification, advancements in automobile technology, and the burgeoning demand for smart gadgets. Read More

3 major trends influencing intent-based networking market forecast

Published Date: December 2019

The intent-based networking market growth will be propelled by rising need to integrate numerous devices and services within businesses for employing new technologies. Read More

Launch of new medical devices to drive soft exoskeleton market share through 2025

Published Date: July 2019

The soft exoskeleton market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period due to increasing usage of exoskeletons in industrial, military, and healthcare sectors. Read More

Fiber optic cable sales to augment structured cabling market growth

Published Date: July 2019

The global structured cabling market has garnered commendable revenue lately owing to rapid technological advancement in the IT & telecom sector and rising adoption of automation, IoT and cloud technologies. Read More

Rising robot sales in U.S. and China to augment industrial communication market

Published Date: July 2019

Industrial communication market is anticipated to achieve significant growth rate in the near future driven by robotization trends in industries in the emerging economies of the APAC region. Read More

GaN and SiC power semiconductor market to derive extensive proceeds from solar energy deployment through 2025

Published Date: July 2019

GaN and SiC power semiconductor market is fast emerging as a profitable niche vertical of the global electronics and media industry driven by increasing deployment in renewable energy applications. Read More

Smartphone applications to drive foldable display market trends

Published Date: July 2019

The global foldable display market will rise over the years ahead owing to growing advancements across the electronics and media sector. Read More

Asia-Pacific VPS market to amass substantial revenues from SMEs through 2025

Published Date: July 2019

The virtual private server market is expected to witness high gains from 2019 to 2025 led by increasing pace of digital transformation across numerous business verticals along with introduction to virtual network technologies within commercial space Read More

North America micro data center market to procure colossal proceeds by 2025, growing popularity of edge computing to characterize the industry landscape

Published Date: May 2019

The micro data center market will secure healthy growth rate in the projected time-frame as they provide users a flexible option for data collection, processing, storage, and assessment. Read More

How have power over ethernet (PoE) solutions market dynamics evolved with the launch of innovative products by prominent industry stakeholders?

Published Date: May 2019

The global Power over Ethernet (POE) solutions market is projected to win commendable acclaim in the ensuing years propelled by rising trend of connected devices along with growing need for high performance networks. Read More

North America WLAN controller market to register expansive growth over 2019-2025, presence of large number of industry participants to augment the regional landscape

Published Date: May 2019

The WLAN controller market will record an exceptional growth rate in the coming years due to deluge of new technologies such as IoT, edge computing, serverless, containers, hybrid cloud, and AI that most enterprises are interested in deploying. Read More

North America automotive NFC market to procure substantial proceeds by 2025, rise in mid-range electric vehicle sales to augment industry growth

Published Date: May 2019

The automotive NFC market is anticipated to register substantial revenues over 2019-2025 driven by growing sale of smart connected vehicles. Read More

A concise overview of the global microprinting market dynamics – how will the elevating awareness regarding forgery fuel the industry landscape?

Published Date: May 2019

The global microprinting market is poised to garner hefty proceeds in the ensuing years, on account of burgeoning demand for microprinting across a slew of industries to mitigate counterfeit products. Read More

Network as a service market to garner massive profits from SMEs over 2019-2025, extensive demand from telecom companies to drive the industry landscape

Published Date: May 2019

The SMEs in Network as a Service market is projected to exhibit 35% CAGR to 2025; SMEs use the NaaS model as it provides them with the flexibility to scale up or down the network resources as per their requirements and also promise greater efficiency through an on-demand provisioning model. Read More

Mega data center market to procure substantial gains from IT & telecom applications by 2025, rapid increase in data traffic to drive industry growth

Published Date: May 2019

Major mega data center market players include Broadcom, Cavium, Cisco, Dell, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Sandisk LLC, and Schneider Electric SE. Read More

How will the dynamics of system on module market transform with the robust product demand from the medical sector and the impact of industrial automation?

Published Date: May 2019

159 pages system on module market report profiling 17 companies, offers 119 data tables and 27 figures with coverage of 20+ countries. Read More

North America to lead voice over internet protocol market over 2019-2025, increasing preference for cloud-based telephony to augment the regional landscape

Published Date: May 2019

The IT & telecom voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market will hold the largest market share of over 25% by 2025 as huge investments are being made to improve the telecommunications infrastructure to support VoIP services. Read More

North America people counter market to exhibit substantial growth over 2019-2025, rising demand from the hospitality & entertainment sector to drive the global landscape

Published Date: March 2019

The North American people counter market is growing at a rapid pace during the forecast period owing to presence of several system developers and customers in application industries. Read More

Global single board computer market to penetrate the billion-dollar cosmos by 2025, aerospace & defense sector to emerge as a pivotal growth avenue for the overall industry

Latest Update: March 2019 |  Published Date: March 2017

Top single board computer market players include Adlink Technology, Mercury Systems, American Portwell, Radisys Advantech, and MERCURY Systems, among others. Read More

GPU market to procure substantial returns via escalating gaming console sales, automotive sector to crop up as a prominent growth avenue over 2018-2024

Published Date: February 2019

The GPU market share of more than 34% is predicted to be accounted by gaming application segment by 2024 owing to growing demand for high-resolution games. Read More

Europe (Point of sale) POS terminals market to garner considerable proceeds by 2024, growing adoption of smartphones to bolster the global industry growth

Latest Update: February 2019 |  Published Date: January 2017

The major POS terminals market players include Diebold Nixdorf, Toshiba, NEC, Panasonic, VeriFone Systems, NCR, Micros Systems, Ingenico, BITEL, PAR Technology, PAX Technology, and POSIFLEX Technology. Read More

APAC exoskeleton market to register the highest CAGR over 2019-2026, regional industry to be characterized by the appreciable efforts from industry contenders to launch innovative products

Latest Update: February 2019 |  Published Date: October 2017

APAC exoskeleton market is poised to register highest growth from 2019 to 2026 owing to high number of research and development initiatives by Japan, South Korea, and China in medical and military sectors. Read More

Data center liquid cooling market to derive substantial returns from large data centers, global industry to cross a valuation of $2.5 billion by 2025

Published Date: February 2019

Major data center liquid cooling market companies are Alfa Laval, Rittal, Schneider Electric, Vertiv, Chilldyne, Asetek AS, Mitsubishi Electric, CoolIT Systems, and Liquid Cool Solutions. Read More

North America restaurant POS terminals market to register an appreciable CAGR over 2018-2024, exponentially rising number of food outlets to drive the regional product demand

Published Date: February 2019

Top restaurant POS terminals market players are Toshiba, VeriFone Systems, TouchBistro, Toast, Square, PAX Technology, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, PAR Technology, NCR, NEC, Micros Systems, Ingenico, and Diebold Nixdorf. Read More

Four trends influencing European LED lighting market expansion: rising smart city initiatives to propel the industry growth by 2024

Published Date: February 2019

The European LED lighting market is competitive owing to presence of several players providing highly efficient and advanced LED technologies for various applications. Read More

Exploring the prevalent trends across private LTE market brought about by the surging demand for high-performance networks

Published Date: January 2019

North America private LTE market is set to account for 40% industry share by 2024 impelled by growing need for high-speed and low latency network for mission-critical communications and industrial IoT applications. Read More

Europe data center colocation market to procure hefty proceeds by 2024, wholesale colocation to garner commendable acclaim

Published Date: January 2019

Top data center colocation market companies include Verizon Communication, Centurylink Technology Solutions, Equinix, NTT Data Corporation, Interxion Holding NV, Internap Corporation Global Switch Corporation, Cyxtera Technologies, Inc., KDDI Corporation, China Unicom, China Telecom Corporation Limited, Digital Realty Trust, CyrusOne, and Rackspace. Read More

Global enterprise networking market to cross a remuneration of USD 90 billion by 2024, escalating deployment of mobile networks to expedite the industry landscape

Published Date: January 2019

The manufacturing segment in the enterprise networking market is set to register 8% growth to 2024 owing to increase in the demand for network virtualization solutions to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and reducing workloads. Read More

Enumerating semiconductor memory market trends with respect to the efforts initiated by core industry magnates: global remuneration to cross a colossal USD 730 billion by 2024

Published Date: January 2019

The U.S. semiconductor memory market is witnessing a high popularity for SSDs during the forecast period owing to a gradual increase in the consumption of electronic products in the country. Read More

Smart speaker market to document a double-digit CAGR in terms of global shipments over 2018-2024, U.S. to emerge as the most remunerative growth ground

Latest Update: January 2019 |  Published Date: August 2018

The smart speaker market in commercial applications is predicted to register a whopping CAGR of more than 25% by 2024 owing to increasing usage of these devices by several service providers worldwide. Read More

APAC GPON technology market to accrue considerable returns by 2024, global industry to be driven by the robust demand from the IT and telecom sector

Published Date: December 2018

The IT & Telecom segment in GPON technology market is predicted to account around 50% industry share by 2024 due to constantly developing and expanding telecommunication networks in order to meet the ever-growing user demands. Read More

A concise overview of edge data center market in terms of the competitive landscape, IT & Telecom applications to drive the profitability landscape

Published Date: December 2018

Europe edge data center market will observe traction in the forecast period with the rising interest of global companies to expand their business operations in the region to manage the massive data generated in several application industries. Read More

Fitness equipment market to be connoted by a slew of technologically advanced product developments over 2018-2024, APAC to spring up as the most viable growth ground

Latest Update: November 2018 |  Published Date: April 2017

The key players in the fitness equipment market include HOIST Fitness Systems, Johnson Health Tech, Amer Sports, Fitness EM, Brunswick Corporation, True Fitness, and Technogym S.p.A. Read More

Gas sensors market to accumulate considerable returns from consumer electronics applications, global industry to be characterized by a stringent regulatory framework

Latest Update: November 2018 |  Published Date: June 2016

Gas Sensor Market in Asia Pacific is set to register 9% CAGR in terms of unit shipment to 2024 owing to increasing air pollution levels in China and India as a result of increasing industrialization and the presence of a large number of manufacturing plants. Read More

Unveiling WiFi hotspot market in terms of the competitive landscape: global industry to depict a double-digit CAGR over 2018-2024

Published Date: November 2018

WiFi Hotspot Market in Asia Pacific is set to witness over 15% gains from 2018 to 2024 owing to widespread adoption of smartphones devices and a large number of internet users in the region. Read More

Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems market to gain substantial returns from the aerospace & defense sector over 2018-2014, U.S. to remain a prominent revenue pocket

Published Date: November 2018

North America automated optical inspection systems market is predicted to exceed 30% of AOI industry revenue share by 2024 propelled by high demand for developed automotive products. Read More

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) market to accumulate considerable revenue from consumer electronics, rising adoption of M&As as a growth strategy to fuel the industry landscape

Published Date: November 2018

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Market in APAC is expected to grow 6% CAGR from 2018 to 2024 led by increasing demand and production for consumer electronic devices and other electronic components in countries including China and Japan. Read More

Reed sensor market to accrue substantial valuation from consumer electronics applications, increasing deployment of automation to stimulate product demand over 2018-2024

Published Date: November 2018

Reed Sensor Market in APAC region is predicted to register more than 12% gains in terms of unit shipment from 2018 to 2024 owing to established electronic and automotive industries of Taiwan and China. Read More

North America AIM solutions market to register sizable gains over 2018-2024, robust digitization trends to characterize the regional landscape

Published Date: November 2018

Major players operating in the AIM solutions market include Anixter, CommScope, CA Technologies, Cisco, Furukawa Electric, Fujitsu, Fiber Mountain, Ivanti, IBM, METZ Connect, PagerDuty, Nexans, Microsoft, Reichle & De-Massari, Panduit, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, RiT Tech, Rittal , TE Connectivity, and The Siemon Company, among others. Read More

Unveiling OSS BSS market trends with respect to the competitive hierarchy: escalating demand for the cloud deployment model to drive the industry trends over 2018-2024

Published Date: October 2018

Asia Pacific OSS BSS Market is set to witness more than 10% CAGR from 2018 to 2024 due to increasing penetration of the internet and 4G network among the emerging economies including India and China. Read More

Infrared (IR) LED market to witness highly appreciable gains from the consumer electronics sector, global industry to chronicle itself in the billion-dollar business space by 2024

Published Date: September 2018

Infrared (IR) LED Market shipments are poised to register gains at over 17% to surpass 8 billion units by 2024 impelled by huge adoption of CCTV cameras globally for public safety and security. Read More

Molded interconnect device (MID) market to register substantial gains from the healthcare sector, advanced manufacturing technology deployment to stimulate industry growth over 2018-2024

Published Date: August 2018

Molded Interconnect Device Market in China is expected to surpass USD 155 million by 2024 due to rapid demand for MIDs in consumer electronics applications along with presence of major industry players including Samsung Electronics and Sony Corporation in the region. Read More

Robot sensors market to garner enormous proceeds from the manufacturing sector, augmented use of collaborative robots to be a key industry driver over 2018-2024

Published Date: August 2018

Robot Sensors Market in Asia Pacific is poised to witness gains at 15% from 2018 to 2024 impelled by massive demands from China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Read More

MicroLED display market to register a mammoth CAGR of 115% over 2018-2024, rising demand for smartwatch to boost the industry expansion

Published Date: August 2018

U.S. MicroLED Display Market is predicted to exceed US$7 billion by 2024 owing to increasing demand for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Read More

Green data center market to witness massive CAGR of 25% over 2018-2024, U.S. to drive the regional landscape

Published Date: July 2018

The U.S. accounts for the highest green data center market revenues in 2017, which is expected to reach over USD 6 billion by 2024 owing to its early adoption of technological advancements. Read More

Data Center Cooling Market to perceive sizeable receipts via liquid cooling systems over 2017-2024, North American region to drive industry progression

Published Date: July 2018

Some of the players in the data center cooling market include Black Box Corporation, Schneider Electric Se, Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd, Stulz GmbH, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, Vertiv Co., Asetek, and Coolcentric. Read More

Aerial imaging market to reap remarkable proceeds from the agricultural application over 2018-2024, APAC to emerge as major revenue pocket

Published Date: June 2018

North America is set to account for 42% of global aerial imaging market share by 2024 owing to large-scale investments in aerial imaging technologies by major market players such as Google and government institutions such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the U.S. Read More

Thermal imaging market to accrue massive receipts via uncooled technology segment over 2018-2024, automotive sector to emerge as the frontrunner across the end-use landscape

Published Date: June 2018

Global Thermal Imaging Market shipments are predicted to witness more than 13% growth from 2018 to 2024 driven by increasing demand from military across the U.S. along with thermal building surveys in the UK. Read More

Mobile virtual network operator market to be characterized by an intense competitive scenario, global share to cross USD 120 billion by 2024

Published Date: June 2018

The China Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Market is predicted to grow at over 16% CAGR from 2018 to 2024 with over 59 million subscribers owing to the imposition of favorable regulations. Read More

Data Center Rack and Enclosure Market to record unprecedented growth by growing popularity of colocation services, industry to record double-digit growth rate over 2018-2024

Published Date: June 2018

The data center rack and enclosure market in Asia Pacific is set to exceed US$1 billion by 2024 due to rise in number of businesses along with shifting trend toward digitalization of all processes. Read More

A concise outline of data center networking market in terms of the regional spectrum: APAC to emerge as a remunerative growth ground over 2018-2024

Published Date: May 2018

Asia Pacific Data Center Networking Market is expected to reach USD 8 billion by 2024 owing to improvement in the broadband infrastructure in countries including India and China. Read More

APAC data center infrastructure market to witness phenomenal growth over 2018-2024, India and China to prominently drive the regional progression

Published Date: May 2018

Europe data center infrastructure market is poised to reach USD 30 billion by 2024 impelled by rising investments by various business and companies across the Nordic region coupled with growing number of the facilities. Read More

Data center infrastructure management market to record 20% CAGR over 2018-2024, Asia Pacific to emerge as one of the pivotal revenue grounds

Published Date: April 2018

The players operating in the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market include Nlyte, Raritan, Inc., NTT DATA, Schneider Electric, Delta Electronics, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., CommScope, Inc., Sunbird Group, Vertiv Co., Tech Mahindra, and Unisys Corporation. Read More

Barcode printer market to garner phenomenal gains from healthcare applications over 2018-2024, Global industry valuation to surpass USD 3.5 billion by 2024

Published Date: April 2018

Thermal Barcode Printer Market share dominated over 60% of the global revenue in 2016 as it offers high-quality and long-lasting labels in several colors. Thermal-based printers comprise over 65% of the global barcode printer market share owing to the features including high speed, low noise, and ease-of-cleaning and reliability offered coupled with growing use of thermal printers across several applications. Read More

Wireless fire detection systems market to be governed by a stringent regulatory framework over 2018-2024, smart city development initiatives to contribute toward the industry expansion

Published Date: April 2018

Key industry players in the wireless fire detection systems market include Electro Detectors Ltd., Siemens AG, EMS Wireless Fire and Security Ltd., EuroFyre Ltd., Sterling Safety Systems, Honeywell International, Inc., Halma PLC, Tyco International PLC, HOCHIKI Corporation, (UK), Robert Bosch GmbH, and Detectomat GmbH, among others. Read More

Service robotics market to register a double-digit CAGR of 20% over 2017-2024 in terms of shipments, US to prominently drive the regional landscape

Published Date: April 2018

Companies in the service robotics market comprise iRobot, DJI, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Parrot SA, Bluefin Robotics, Northrop Grumman Corporation, DeLaval, Lely, Medtronic, Yujin Robot, Samsung Electronics, Honda Motors Corp., 3D Robotics, AeroVironment, Inc., Ecovacs Robotics, and Softbank Robotics. Read More

Power electronics market valuation to cross USD 45 billion by 2024, robust demand for renewable energy resources to fuel the industry expansion

Published Date: March 2018

Companies operating in the global power electronics market include ENERCON, Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., Infineon Technologies, Mersen, Microsemi Corporation, NXP Semiconductor N.V., ON Semiconductor, Semikron Electronics GmbH & Co., Inc., Texas Instruments Incorporated, and STMicroelectronics N.V. Read More

APAC electronic design automation market to garner considerable returns by 2024, rising adoption of consumer electronic products to stimulate the industry growth

Published Date: March 2018

Major players operating in the EDA market are Cadence Design Systems, CadSoft Computer, Intercept Technology, Inc., Invionics, JEDA Technologies, Keysight Technologies, Pulsonix, Sigasi, National Instruments, Silvaco International, Mentor Graphics, Solido Design Automation, Synopsys, Inc., Xilinx, Inc., and Zuken, Inc., among others. Read More

Self-checkout systems market to gain extensive returns from the retail sector, high demand for a seamless shopping experience to boost the industry growth

Published Date: March 2018

With retail outlets massively demanding a hassle-free checkout process, self-checkout systems market has been gaining commendable traction lately. Read More

Display market to witness double-digit growth rate over 2017-2024, healthcare sector to emerge as a lucrative growth ground

Published Date: March 2018

The Display Market is highly fragmented in nature and the investing players are continuously investing in developing high-quality products. Some of the major players in the display industry include NCR Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Epson America, Inc., Fametech, Inc., Displax SA, Diebold Nixdorf, Inc., and Ingenico Group. Read More

Cutting-edge technological innovations to expedite IP camera market by 2025

Published Date: March 2018

IP camera market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and advent of smart spaces. Read More

Industrial robotics market to derive remarkable gains via automotive sector over 2017-2024, global industry to be characterized by innovative product launches

Published Date: February 2018

Key Industrial robotics market players are Fanuc Corporation, Denso Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yamaha Motor, KUKA AG, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, ABB Group, Epson America, Panasonic Welding Systems, Rethink Robotics, Staubli Group, Universal Robots A/S, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, etc. Read More

A comprehensive insight into consumer electronics market with reference to the competitive spectrum: intermittent upgradation and innovation in product development to drive the industry growth

Published Date: February 2018

Companies in the global consumer electronics market include LG Electronics, Apple, Samsung Electronics, General Electric, Sony Corporation, Huawei, Xiaomi, Bose, AB Electrolux, Philips, Sonos, Canon, Haier, Nikon, Sennheiser and GoPro. Read More

Computer engineering market to cross the trillion-dollar frontier by 2024, automotive sector to prominently drive the end-use landscape

Published Date: February 2018

Key vendors in the computer engineering market include Averna Technologies, Inc., Advantest Corporation, Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Marvin Test Solutions, Inc., Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, National Instruments Corporation, Intel Corporation, Nvidia Corporation, SolidCAM Ltd., STMicroelectronics N.V., Synopsys, Inc., Teradyne, Inc., and Xilinx, Inc. Read More

X-Ray security screening system market to amass lucrative gains from aviation sector, Asia Pacific to emerge as a prominent regional contender

Published Date: February 2018

Asia Pacific X-Ray Security Screening System Market is set to grow at a steady pace in the coming years due to growing number of passengers travelling through airways along with large scale industrialization and the growth of the e-commerce sector, facilitating the movement of goods to and from the APAC region. Read More

Digital signage media player market to garner lucrative proceeds in the U.S., Global revenue to cross the billion-dollar benchmark by 2024

Published Date: January 2018

Digital Signage Media Player Market By Component (Hardware, Software), By Product (Entry Level, Advanced Level, Enterprise Level), By Application (Retail, BFSI, Transportation, Education, Corporate, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Growth Potential and more. Read More

Data center power market to exceed USD 27 billion by 2024, tech giants’ contribution to quicken the pace of industry advancements

Published Date: January 2018

Major companies in the global data center power market include ABB Ltd., Eaton Corporation, Emerson Network Power, Fuji Electric, General Electric, Schneider Electric S.A., Delta Electronics Inc, Toshiba Corporation, Tripp Lite, Riello, Ametek Inc., and Belkin International among others. Read More

Streaming device market to register a remarkable CAGR of more than 20% over 2017-2024, Asia Pacific to emerge as a lucrative growth terrain for global industry progression

Published Date: December 2017

Streaming Devices Market By Price (USD 30 – 100, USD 101 – 250), By Resolution Type (4K UHD, 1080p, 720p), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, GCC, South Africa) and more. Read More

Middle East set to drive humanoid robot market landscape, global shipments to register a staggering CAGR of 40% over 2017-2024.

Published Date: December 2017

Global Humanoid Robot Market shipments are predicted to witness growth at over 40% from 2017 to 2024 during when the wheel drive robot market is slated to grow at more than 35% CAGR led by increasing deployment across verticals such as retail, healthcare, education and hospitality. Read More

Electronic security market to record a double-digit growth over 2017-2024, APAC to witness phenomenal developments

Published Date: November 2017

North America will dominate the Global Electronic Security Market due to the government initiatives to integrate these systems into their public safety segment. Read More

High altitude platform market to collect considerable revenue from surveillance applications, U.S. to accelerate the regional landscape over 2017-2024

Published Date: November 2017

Global High Altitude Platform Market will grow exponentially from 2017 to 2024 due to involvement of renowned behemoths in the development of unmanned technology. Read More

An insight into Indian aerospace and defense market in terms of the intensely fierce competitive landscape over 2017-2024

Published Date: October 2017

Indian Aerospace & Defense Market will cross $23bn by 2024 led by offsets requirement by the government along with indigenous manufacturing of defense equipment. Read More

Tactical Communications market to accrue gigantic returns via public safety applications over 2017-2024, U.S. to drive the regional landscape

Published Date: October 2017

Global Tactical Communications Market shipments were over 60 million units in 2016 and are predicted to grow at over 3% CAGR from 2017 and 2024. Read More

India POS terminals market to accrue phenomenal revenue via healthcare & retail applications over 2017-2024

Published Date: August 2017

POS Terminals Market in India to witness 10% growth in shipments from 2017 to 2024 impelled by emergence of several e-commerce players in the country. Read More

APAC Electric Home Appliances Market to experience remarkable gains over 2017-2024, upsurge in online sales of air conditioners to fuel the industry share

Published Date: July 2017

Global Electric Home Appliances Industry shipments were over 600 million units in 2016 and are expected to exceed 1 billion units by 2024. Read More

LATAM outsourced customer care services market to witness massive gains over 2016-2024, high demand for CRM technology hosting services to augment the regional growth

Published Date: June 2017

Global Outsourced Customer Care Services Market to cross 110 Billion USD by 2024 impelled by demand for mobility services on various platforms. Read More

U.S. MVAS industry to witness phenomenal gains over 2017-2024, surging demand from entertainment & media applications to drive the regional demand

Published Date: June 2017

Global MVAS Market to exceed $1.3 Trillion by 2024; The U.S. Mobile Value-added Service Market share was over 25% of the global revenue in 2016. Read More

Lamp market to collect notable revenue via indoor applications over 2017-2024, high demand for fluorescent products to augment the industry growth

Published Date: June 2017

Global Lamp Market to cross $18 Billion by 2024; Electric Discharge Lamp Market to see healthy CAGR from 2017 to 2024 led by rising demand of CFLs. Read More

Process spectroscopy market to cross a billion mark by 2024, NIR technology to exhibit significant adoption rate

Published Date: May 2017

Global Process Spectroscopy Market to exceed $1.47bn by 2024; Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) to account 20% of the overall industry share by 2024. Read More

APAC outdoor LED display market to grow remarkably over 2016-2024, rising number of sporting events in the region to stimulate the product demand

Published Date: May 2017

Global Outdoor LED Display Market to surpass $22bn by 2024; Asia Pacific Outdoor LED Display Market to grow at over 25% CAGR from 2016 to 2024. Read More

North America household refrigerators and freezers industry to generate considerable sales over 2016-2025, U.S. to drive the regional landscape

Published Date: April 2017

Global Household Refrigerators and Freezers Market to exceed $78bn by 2025; Key industry players are Electrolux, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier and LG. Read More

High-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market to record a lucrative CAGR of 17.8% over the period of 2016-2024, Interconnect technology to witness huge demand

Published Date: April 2017

Global High-k and ALD/CVD Metal Precursor Market to exceed $965 Million by 2024; High-k Metal Gate Precursor Market to grow at 22% CAGR to 2024. Read More

North America handheld imagers market to witness phenomenal growth over 2016-2023, security applications to boost the demand

Published Date: April 2017

Global Handheld Imagers Market size to hit $3.5bn by 2023; North America Handheld Imager Market to grow at 12% CAGR from 2016 to 2023. Read More

Fiber optical sensor market to chart out a profitable growth map over 2016-2024, surging requirement across the medical sector to stimulate the product demand

Published Date: April 2017

Global Optical Sensor Market to hit $30bn by 2024; APAC Optical Sensors Market worth $10bn by 2024 led by rising demand for consumer electronics. Read More

ERP enterprise application market to experience massive growth over 2016-2024, health care sector to prominently drive the industry growth

Published Date: April 2017

Global Enterprise Application Market to exceed $287bn by 2024; ERP Market share to grow at 7.7% CAGR from 2016 to 2024. Read More

Mobile POS terminals market to register a double-digit CAGR over 2018-2024, retail sector to emerge as a pivotal growth avenue

Published Date: April 2017

Cloud-based mPOS terminals market is expected to grow at 20% CAGR from 2018 to 2024 due to its ease-of-operation and storage facility; mobile POS software market is forecast to surpass USD 10 billion by 2024 owing to proliferation of tablets/smartphones and ubiquity of internet connectivity. Read More

Ultra-high definition panel market to gather extensive profits from television applications over 2016-2024

Published Date: April 2017

Global Ultra High Definition Panel (4K) Market volume to hit 7.5 million units by 2024; TV Display industry size to grow at 11% CAGR from 2016 to 2024. Read More

A succinct insight into the competitive spectrum of home audio systems market: Introduction of technologically advanced smart products to boost the industry landscape over 2017-2024

Published Date: April 2017

Wireless technology enabled gadgets are set to secure significant share in the home audio system market during the forecast period due to increasing operability and compatibility of these devices with other devices such as other speakers, smartphones, and tablets. Read More

Field Programmable Gate Array market size to surpass USD 9 billion by 2022, extensive demand from telecom applications to propel the industry growth

Published Date: April 2017

Global FPGA Market to hit $9.9bn by 2022; Major companies like Xilinx Inc., Altera Corporation and Lattice Semiconductor holds over 80% industry share. Read More

North America to dominate global infrared camera market share over 2016-2023

Published Date: March 2017

(Infrared) IR camera market size was USD 3.24 billion in 2015, and is predicted to generate over USD 6 billion in revenue by 2023 Read More

Worldwide Automated Test Equipment (ATE) market outlook: Consumer Electronics sector to boost the industry growth over 2015-2022

Published Date: February 2017

Automated test equipment (ATE) market size is anticipated to reach USD 4.46 billion by 2022, growing at 2.6% over the forecast period. Read More

Earphone and headphone market to achieve substantial revenue via rising demand for product miniaturization over 2017-2024

Published Date: February 2017

Earphone and Headphone Market shipments in 2016 were over 350 million units and is set to witness around 4% growth to hit 25 Billion USD revenue by 2024. Read More

Retail (point of sale) POS terminals market to register double digit growth rate over 2017-2024, government initiatives for a cashless economy to boost the industry growth

Published Date: February 2017

Global Retail (Point of Sale) POS Terminals Market will be valued $40bn by 2024 driven by use of cloud based POS systems on account of their high accuracy. Read More

Kitchen appliances market outlook: Induction of energy efficient technologies and smart home devices/appliances to drive the industry growth over 2016-2023

Published Date: January 2017

Global Kitchen Appliances Market size in 2015 was over USD 175 billion, and will exceed USD 250 billion by 2023. Read More

ATM Market to garner remarkable proceeds in APAC belt, global installation base to cross 4 million units by 2024

Published Date: January 2017

ATM Market installed base was over 3 million units in 2016 and is predicted to surpass 4 million units by 2024 led by worldwide proliferation of smartphones. Read More

Embedded System Market Outlook: Automotive industry to be the key revenue generator | Global Trends- 2016-2023

Published Date: January 2017

Embedded system market size is expected to exceed USD 258.72 billion by 2023, growing at 5.6% during the next six years. Read More

Outlining 3D scanning market in terms of the application portfolio: technology to penetrate offbeat end-use sectors

Published Date: November 2016

3D Scanning Market is forecast to hit $10 Billion by 2024 with the Laser Scanner segment to grow at 14%+ CAGR due to the high-quality control standards offered by the scanners. Read More

North America biometrics market to contribute prominently toward the global share by 2024, Strategic partnerships to outline the competitive landscape

Published Date: November 2016

Global Biometrics Market is expected to be valued $50 Billion by 2024 with the banking & finance sector predicted to witness more than 22% growth to 2024. Read More

Next-gen innovations to revolutionize data center UPS market, North America to make significant contributions toward the global industry revenue over 2017-2024

Published Date: October 2016

Data Center UPS Market Size By Product (Small, Medium, Large), By Component (Solution [Standby UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Online UPS], Service [Managed, Professional]), By Application (BFSI, Colocation, Energy, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom & IT) and more. Read More

Global Digital Signage Market To Cross USD 23 Billion By 2023

Published Date: October 2016

Digital signage market size was over USD 15 billion in 2015. Latest global digital signage market research forecast 5.2% CAGR growth from 2016 to 2023. Read More

Household Vacuum Cleaners Market – Global Industry Analysis Report, Share, Size, Growth, Price Trends and Forecast, 2016 – 2024

Published Date: August 2016

Household Vacuum Cleaners Market size was valued at over USD 11.5 billion in 2015, and is anticipated to grow at 4.6% CAGR from 2016 to 2024. Read More

Third Party logistics (3PL) market to amass substantial revenue via rail & road transport modes over 2017-2024, APAC to majorly impact the regional revenue

Published Date: July 2016

3PL Market is forecast to hit $1100 Billion by 2024 with the Domestic Transportation Management (DTM) product segment to witness over 5% growth to 2024. Read More

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Market – Global Industry Analysis Report, Share, Size, Growth, Price Trends and Forecast, 2015 – 2022

Published Date: July 2016

Pneumatic conveying systems market size is anticipated to exceed USD 30 billion by 2022, growing at over 5%. Read More

North America airport security market to witness remarkable growth over 2017-2024, rising deployment of advanced technologies to stimulate the regional outlook

Published Date: June 2016

Asia Pacific Airport Security Market to witness high demand over 2017-2024 owing to the increase in defense and security spending budget in countries such as India and China. Read More

Router And Switch Market – Global Industry Analysis Report, Share, Size, Growth, Price Trends and Forecast, 2015 – 2022

Published Date: June 2016

Router and Switch Market Size By Service, By Product - Industry Outlook Report, Regional Analysis, Application Potential, Price Trends, Share & Forecast by 2022 Read More

Integrated Systems Market – Global Industry Analysis Report, Share, Size, Growth, Price Trends and Forecast, 2015 – 2022

Published Date: June 2016

Integrated Systems Market Size By Service, By Product, By End-Use - Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Application Potential, Price Trend, Share Read More

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