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Hair care product sales to strengthen personal care appliances market outlook

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2019-12-20Request Sample

Growing consumer preferences toward maintaining an appealing appearance and personality is driving global personal care appliances market trends. The rapidly increasing fashion sense among young and middle-aged population has led them to purchase expensive personal care and beauty products. The ever-expanding fashion sector is thus complementing the personal care appliances industry growth. Additionally, the penetration of portable personal care appliances, accounting to their convenience of usage is also helping in the expansion of personal care appliances industry outlook.

Currently, increasing availability of skin and hair care devices coupled with ongoing advancements in state-of-the-art salon services have been influencing consumer preferences. The increasing adoption of hair care and hair removal products is expected to drive personal care appliances market share. Portable hair trimmers and shavers in particular, are creating a buzz in the market.

Rechargeable battery powered devices are gaining popularity because of the convenience of portability they offer by eliminating the requirement of a continuous corded power supply. Moreover, improving battery production technologies have also been allowing them to charge faster and last longer, making them travel compatible.

Popularity of different beard styles among male consumers has been gradually increasing over the last few years. Of late, it has become easy to maintain various beard styles due to the uniform trimming action of portable hair trimmers. Previously, men often paid visits to a salon for grooming and styling their beards and moustaches, but now since the introduction of portable trimmers most of the users prefer at-home styling. The powerful performance and affordability of compact devices are some of the aspects which will drive mass product adoption in the upcoming years.

Most consumers who prefer to retain a clean shaved look are opting for portable shavers, owing to the improved technology which enables shavers to deliver smoother shaves without compromising on the safety. Next-generation shavers provide a cleaner look as compared to the traditional razors available. Moreover, the increasing cases of early baldness among the male populace has led to the proliferating trend of men regularly trimming out or shaving thinning scalp hair. These factors are further expected to propel product demand, helping to increase personal care appliances market share.

Apart from male consumers, the personal care appliances designed for females include a wide range of hair care and spa products that are targeted toward both the salon services and home users. Excluding the portable epilators used for body hair removal, most of the products like hair dryers, hair straighteners and other hair styling tools require to have a corded power supply.

Though these products are observed to cause hair and skin damage, technological advancements dedicated toward manufacturing safer hair and skin protective appliances will aid in the industry development. For instance, Philips India has introduced a keratin based hair straightener which minimizes the heat damage.

Along with the hair styling and beautifying products, the personal care appliances also entail the oral hygiene products. Power toothbrushes especially, are anticipated to witness strong demand pertaining to the rising consumer concerns for maintaining oral health. Studies have shown that using power toothbrushes on regular basis provides better cleaning than normal toothbrushes, hence it reduces the chances of tooth decay.

The American Dental Association claims that brushing with a normal toothbrush may fail to hit hard-to-reach-spots in the mouth, and this is where the power toothbrushes come a lot handy to ensure deep cleaning. Though the comparably high-cost may restrain the power toothbrush market growth, the effective promotional tactics undertaken by dentists and health associations will create several opportunities for industry growth.

Asia Pacific personal care appliances market is expected to witness immense traction on account of the growing popularity of efficient hair care and grooming products. The Asian countries like India and China have been witnessing emergence of many new product manufacturers that provide comparably lower cost options. Growing competition among leading contenders is poised to enhance APAC personal care appliances market forecast remarkably.

Global personal care appliances industry thrives on the ongoing innovations and R&D activities to improve the product quality and convenience. Battery operated personal care appliances market is expected to witness high gains owing to the cost-effective product launches along with growing product adoption in the emerging nations. Global Market Insights, Inc., reports that personal care appliances market size will exceed USD 30 billion by 2025.

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