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How have power over ethernet (PoE) solutions market dynamics evolved with the launch of innovative products by prominent industry stakeholders?

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The global power over ethernet (POE) solutions market is projected to win commendable acclaim in the ensuing years, primarily propelled by the rising trend of connected devices along with the growing need for high performance networks. If reports are to be believed the number of connected devices reached 22 Billion globally, in 2018, which depicts an ocean of opportunities for related industries. Moreover, it is speculated that 38.6 billion devices will be connected to the internet by the year 2025, and 50 billion by the year 2030.

APAC Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions Market Share, By Region, 2018

APAC Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions Market Share, By Region, 2018

As this ecosystem evolves, so will the demands of consumers, which will increase the consumption of the Internet of Things technology for optimizing user experience across assorted devices, interfaces, and operating systems. Connected devices generate the demand for more power, light, and data coverage networks in IoT infrastructure, thereby promoting the power over ethernet solutions industry.

Power over ethernet technology enables an Ethernet device to transmit and receive data, besides receiving power over the same wiring. There are a host of advantages of using the same cabling for transferring both power and data, which are endorsing the expansion of the POE market share globally. POE helps in supplying power to small devices without involving an electrical circuit and wiring, hence significantly decreasing the cost and weight of deployments, along with ensuring advanced level safety. According to a report by the Global Market Insights, Inc., the power over ethernet solutions market from powered devices (PD) segment is anticipated to accrue a CAGR of more than 15 percent during 2019-2025, due to the surging adoption of wireless devices like barcode scanners, VoIP phones, lighting controls, access control systems, alarms, RFID, clocks, digital signage displays, IP security cameras, computer monitors, and point of sale (PoS) terminals.

Enumerating the noteworthy advancements in the power over ethernet solutions market:

Fluke Networks introduces new cost-efficient PoE tester - MicroScanner™ PoE

Fluke Networks has recently introduced a new POE tester in the power over ethernet solutions market, dubbed as the MicroScanner PoE, to accelerate the troubleshooting and installation of Power over Ethernet devices, comprising the ones compatible with the new high power 802.3bt standard.  The tester is capable of effectively verifying and troubleshooting ethernet cabling, and displays a simple signal depicting the class of power available as stated by the switch adhering to the Ethernet Alliance designations. This information specifies whether sufficient power is available to the device being evaluated for power supply. The product has been moderately priced in contrast to the gargantuan advantages that it offers to technicians.

Developing smart lighting systems with revolutionary eight-port switch

Microchip Technology Inc. has moved a step forward in the power over ethernet solutions market towards creating more efficient and larger lighting systems. Microsemi, a business unit of Microchip Technology Inc., has recently debuted a highly affordable eight-port PoE switch, known as PDS-408G, which guarantees a power of 60 watts per port simultaneously for all the 8 ports. PDS-408G is compliant with IEEE 802.3bt, and can be deployed across various air handling spaces, especially digital ceiling installations. The fanless design of the switch offers buildings with features such as reliable and noise-free operations, perfect for hospitals, schools, offices, and hotels. Not only that the PDS-408G also offers other proven PoE advantages, including flexible deployment, remote power management, simple installation, and safe power. The PDS-408G connects distinct systems such as sensors, lighting, Wi-Fi access points, and HVAC over a single switch for seamless enterprise connected lighting applications.

DIGISOL introduces web operated gigabit ethernet PoE switch having SFP slots

In a recent turn of events, DIGISOL Systems Ltd., a market leader in networking products, has launched DG-GS1512HP, which is a web controlled switch having 8 Giga POE ports, 4 SFP slots, and 4 Giga Combo ports. The newest entrant in the power over ethernet solutions industry, the smart network controllable switch DG-GS1512HP has been built for network environments demanding high performance, installation ease, and high port density. On top of this, the DG-GS1512HP also supports Port Trunking, Port Mirroring, and VLAN.

In light of the abovementioned factors, it would be prudent to claim that driven by the burgeoning demand from powered devices, technological enhancements, and IoT trend the global power over ethernet solutions market will capture remarkable earnings in the subsequent years. A research report by the Global Markets Insights, Inc. claims that the power over ethernet (PoE) solutions market will surpass USD 2 billion by 2025 with commercial establishments holding a substantial market share, on account of the growing demand for smart workplaces.  


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