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North America people counter market to exhibit substantial growth over 2019-2025, rising demand from the hospitality & entertainment sector to drive the global landscape

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The growing focus on gaining accurate business analytics to examine customer behavior & preferences will drive the people counter market growth in the years to come. Of late, business outlets such as restaurants, shopping malls, retail chains, museums, libraries, stadiums, and more are seemingly demanding efficient people counting solutions to count the number of customers in order to prepare for impending demands or services. An exact customer count allows organizations to optimize their staffing and energy demands, further helping them gain valuable insights to improve business performance and profits.

UK people counting system market, by application, 2019 & 2025 (USD Million)
UK people counting system market, by application, 2019 & 2025 (USD Million)


The system has significant found pivotal applications in the banking sector in recent years. Through efficient people counters, banking personnel have been able to gain real-time occupancy insights to offer faster and better customer service and reduce turnaround time. The product offers banks with enhanced performance, time reduction, and added revenues by allowing staff allocation according to visitor traffic hours. Indeed, the industry has witnessed technological advancements with the development of thermal imaging counters, 3D stereographic components, and behavior analysis technologies, which is rapidly compelling end-use domains to adopt the product, further propelling people counter market growth.

How will people counter systems help educational organizations and offices?

Universities & colleges as well as office workplaces, to attain efficient attendance marking solutions, are rapidly adopting people counters. The product eliminates the tedious manual attendance marking process while helping organizations save time and money. The system can easily be installed in college premises and can automatically count the number of students in a classroom, allowing teachers to keep a track on student’s attendance and arrival time more quickly and precisely.

Furthermore, it effectively eliminates issues like data errors and manual time and attendance proxies. That being said, the product is also used in offices and workplaces to monitor attendance records of employees and to keep a track on their daily working hours, further offering improved transparency and efficiency to businesses and pushing propel counting system market trends

The entertainment & hospitality sector is touted to offer incredible growth opportunities to the overall people counter market. Shopping centers for example, have been widely using this technology, owing to the rising number of customers visiting shopping malls and other retail stores, especially during festive seasons or sales. Using people counter systems, shopping mall operators gain insightful statistics and patterns that can be used to improve management and decision making.

For example, by knowing the number of visitors, malls can estimate the required HVAC parameters, inform food courts of impending customer demands and deploy staff members for cleaning and sanitary maintenance. The product can be used to measure footfall at entrances gates, floors and zones as well as be used to estimate realistic rents for premium locations and retail spaces based on the number of passing by customers. The product also offers data to inform marketing spend, helps with identifying locations to set up marketing advertisements, and offers insights to compare between malls in different locations.

Establishments such as events, clubs, bars, hotels, etc., have also been deploying the product on a large scale on account of the rising influx of the younger generation at these places. The incorporation of these systems across these set-ups helps them with the sales statistics which eventually would aid the analysis of customer sales and more. The robust deployment of the product across such commercial establishments would thus majorly impel people counter market size from the entertainment & the hospitality sector.

North America is touted to crop up as a highly vital ground for the expansion of people counter market, owing to the presence of several system developers and customers in application industries. The proliferation of the region’s retail sector and the adoption of early technical advancements in the U.S. are the major factors driving the regional people counter market growth.

The presence of advanced transportation facilities that deploy automated video-based counting systems for efficient passenger management, reduced manual counting time, service provision and staff allocation and for gaining data for scheduling, forecasting and service-related decisions will also be responsible for supporting industry expansion. Another vital driving force of the North America people counter market is the rising number of smart city projects in the region.

A pivotal device used to measure the number of people in a certain passage or zone, people counters are slated to be incorporated with tremendous technological advancements in the years to come, upgrading the product’s capability for applications like video-based real-time people counter, CCTV systems, infrared or thermal imaging counters and more. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., people counter market will exceed $2 billion by 2025.

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