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Global single board computer market to penetrate the billion-dollar cosmos by 2025, aerospace & defense sector to emerge as a pivotal growth avenue for the overall industry

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The rapidly escalating adoption rate of advanced semiconductors is slated to create substantial growth opportunities for SBC market players in the forthcoming years. The significant versatility & reliability factor of single board computer systems are some of the primary determinants behind the market experiencing invigorating growth. Prompted by the remarkable momentum of the digital age, companies from several sectors have started to heavily invest in the research & development of new, innovative technologies such as machine automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial robotics and are leveraging these technologies to further enhance their industrial & manufacturing performances.

China single board computer market size, by processor, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)
 China single board computer market size, by processor, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)


The processors typically utilized across the SBC industry are based upon unique architectures, including Intel x86, ARM & other custom architectures, which are capable of facilitating extremely high level of performance with clock frequencies of 1.2 GHz and above. These capabilities, when coupled with the relatively low cost of the SBCs available in the market today, are expected to drive SBC sales numbers up by a significant margin in the ensuing years.

SBC market | Impact of the consistently increasing computing power of SBCs

According to a Future Generation Computer Systems report by a group of prominent UK universities, SBCs have now become powerful enough that they can, without a hitch, run a standard operating system as well as mainstream workloads. Moreover, several such boards can be linked together to construct small-sized low-cost clusters that are capable of replicating the features of large data centers.

This capability can be implemented to enable new edge & fog computing applications, allowing the SBC market to accumulate significant proceeds in the years to come. In fact, according to a 2018 Microsoft Research report, more than 40% of large enterprises across the world are expected to integrate the edge computing principles into their respective projects by 2021, an adoption rate that is considerably higher than the 1% back in 2017.

SBC market | Impact of the growing integration of SBCs in the healthcare IT industry

The healthcare IT industry, an extremely dynamic, multifaceted business space, upholds the opportunity to influence the patient care, delivery, cost as well as the efficiency of the global healthcare market. Indeed, the healthcare IT sector is characterized by an array of products & services that are designed to enhance & coordinate patient care, acknowledge rising health costs and oppose, through technology, the long-term burden created by disease. This has consequently led to this industry witnessing an increased rate of adoption of advanced semiconductors which is creating significant growth opportunities for the SBC market.

The prominent features of SBCs like reliability, power & versatility make them ideal for use across medical-monitoring systems, fault-tolerant wearable computers and medical electronic devices, thereby propelling SBC market growth from the medical applications.

The International Trade Administration estimates that by 2020, medical device manufacturing companies would be increasing their research & development (R&D) budgets by as much as 3% while the rest of the sector would be raising their spending limits on these elements by over 5%, thereby lending support to the growth of the global SBC market.

SBC market | Impact of the expanding aerospace & defense sector

The global SBC market is slated to acquire substantial gains from the aerospace & defense applications over the years to come, primarily on account of the escalating demands for automation from this industry. The military sector is increasingly utilizing SBCs such as Raspberry Pi in the development of their surveillance robots, which are IoT-powered systems that enable the defense & military sectors to secure the border or camp area through an automatically or manually controlled vehicles that are directed remotely over the internet.

For instance, SBCs can be used to develop multisensory devices that detect unnatural activities at the border, notify the concerned authorities about the same, and even receive further instructions regarding the ongoing issue. Attributing to the device’s extensive potential, the SBC market share from aerospace & defense applications is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 13% over 2019-2025.

The aforementioned trends demonstrate quite overtly that the global SBC market would be drawing in exponential growth in the years between 2019-2025. According to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the overall SBC market size is slated to exceed $1 billion by 2025.


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