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InterGen Data, Inc. enhances SOLOMON’s predictive capabilities

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2019-12-10 


  • The AI-based technology provider has announced optimizing its predictive capabilities manifolds with SOLOMON.
  • Apparently, the platform can now bolster the institutional knowhow of perfect products and services for the customers.

Texas based InterGen Data reportedly announced strengthening its predictive capabilities by nearly 1300 per cent via its artificial intelligence engine, SOLOMON. For the records, InterGen Data is an AI based machine learning driven technology provider.

It is important to mention that this enhancement is expected to leverage high potential to improve the value proposition that the BFSI sector providers have with their clients.

SOLOMON, the AI platform for InterGen Data is now likely to strengthen the institutional knowledge of what products and services are needed by the clients or the prospective clients alongside knowing the right time to provide them with those services. It has been reported that SOLOMON’s predictive capabilities offer interpretive foundational data for any agent or lawyer or the advisor to make use of the platform to provide a holistic and applicable advice to the individuals. Additionally, the platform delivers on the promise of making use of the innovative ML techniques to unleash the potential life events producing substantial impact to an individual’s economic journey.

Speaking on this, the CEO of InterGen Data, Robert J. Kirk reportedly quoted that SOLOMON’s client centric information extends support to guide the advisor and the clients bridge the economic gaps that may exist in the financial plan. 

It has been recorded that the baby boomers would account for over 21 per cent of the global population by 2030 whilst by 2034, the US middle aged population base would outnumber the young population. These demographic transformations would prompt the advisors to deal with the changing illnesses and its effects on the client future, bringing SOLOMON into action.

The institutions and organizations using SOLOMON augment the nature of the advice for the clients thereby simplifying the financial planning processes by redeveloping the holistic customer experience.

Moreover, InterGen Data’s chronic illness data is liable to be accessible through DANIEL API library in the early 2020.

Source credit: https://www.intergendata.com/single-post/2019/12/08/InterGen-Data-Inc-Announces-a-Major-Enhancement-to-its-Chronic-Illness-Prediction-Capabilities

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