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Kong acquires REST Client provider Insomnia to expand tech portfolio

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2019-10-03 

Software developing companies nowadays need to constantly update themselves in order to stay ahead in competition. With new and advanced software and trends regularly pouring into the market, software companies need to innovate new platforms and services to expand into the market. This has given rise to many acquisitions in recent times, as it is one of the most effective ways to expand a business in a shorter period of time.

Kong Inc., an American software developing company, did a similar thing recently by acquiring Insomnia, a provider of open-source REST client. Kong also announced a new line of products at the 2019 Kong Summit which was held in San Francisco.

According to reliable sources, the firm will back Insomnia as an independent open-source venture. Moreover, this acquisition would help boost Kong’s portfolio in open-source technologies and will advance its latest offering, Kong Studio, an integrated collaboration suite and service design.

Apparently. the Kong Studio platform will offer tools that will help developers to build, maintain and design APIs for GraphQL and REST endpoints. Moreover, it will permit its users to produce mock endpoints with Mockbin, publish directly into the Kong Registry, Developer and Gateway Portal, and edit spec files.

Speaking on the move, Augusto Marietti, CEO and Co-Founder, Kong Inc., said that in 2018 the company revealed its vision for an intelligent service control platform for managing, optimizing and connecting services in production, and it is looking forward to grow this vision by focusing on how services are tested, distributed and designed amidst the rising decentralized workloads.

Incidentally, Kong has also taken various initiatives in cultivating its community, which will further develop its services. For instance, recently it launched a new program called the Kong Champions Program, which was initiated to identify “super” contributors and users of the company’s core open-source product, while offering them opportunities to influence the Kong community. 

According to Marco Palladino, CTO and Co-Founder, Kong, the latest champions Program will let their champions to involve directly with their allies which will benefit the community in a long run.

Source Credit: https://sdtimes.com/api/kong-acquires-open-source-rest-client-provider-insomnia/

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