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Pluxity unveils PLUG Kiosk to provide 3D based spatial data service

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2019-12-16 

Pluxity, a Korean plug-in solution provider, has reportedly launched its new PLUG Kiosk that provides 3D based spatial data.

The PLUG Kiosk helps users easily find crucial stores and facilities by displaying spatial data in 3D maps. When its user chooses the place of departure, destination and transit spots, it automatically displays the complete route.

PLUG Kiosk also provides a diverse array of convenience services to consumers who visit the site where it is installed.

The Kiosk has a digital braille pad installed in it. This pad provides a special system for the mobility handicapped, which also includes those who are visually impaired. It also provides data on harmful gases and fine dusts as well as monitored quality of the air. This information is gathered using a smart environmental sensor. Additionally, the device can be utilized by users having different statures since its height is adjustable.  

Featuring functions of monitoring the path tailored for visually impaired and mobility handicapped persons, the Kiosk can also give intuitive information on the basis of easy-to-use interface and intuitive data based on identical, 3D services in diverse surroundings based on notices provided by surrounding facilities, web standards and data on events based on user location.  

As per a manager at the firm, PLUG Kiosks would first be installed across areas having dense population like airports and subway stations. The company would expand the available areas based on phases for customer convenience.

Previously, the company demonstrated its PLUG Kiosk at a couple of international trade events, which also include IoT Tech Expo North America and Smart City Expo World Congress.

About Pluxity:

Pluxity is a combined word that means ‘plug-in’ and ‘Soft City’. The company is a 3D spatial information firm that is increasingly working towards the integration of information systems. Pluxity has also developed AR, VR Technology. The company focuses on research and development as well as control technology supply which can predict upcoming situations. 


Source credit: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pluxity-launches-plug-kiosk-comprehensive-010000637.html

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