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Qantas Airways gets permission to not pay sick leaves to workers

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2020-05-18 

Qantas has received approval by a Federal Court judge in Australia to not pay sick leaves during the coronavirus period, rejecting a bid that was formed by the union.

Apparently, about 20,000 workers at Qantas were stood down in the middle of March and were legally able to access certain entitlements that mostly cover the annual leave, however, they have been barred from benefitting the carers, compassionate and the sick leave.

Reportedly, Justice Geoffrey Flick had supported the position of the company and agreed that stand-down decision was aimed at serving two major purposes, firstly, offering businesses financial relief and secondly, protecting all the workers from termination.

Justice Flick stated that letting the staff get access to leave while having been lawfully stood down as there is no work is capable of going against the very purpose and object of deliberating the entitlement to get a relief from work that in other circumstances, the worker would have been required to perform.

Justice Flick also added that if there is no work made available for the employee to perform, there is also no protection or income against what has not yet been lost.

According to reliable sources, the judge said Qantas exposing itself to liability to pay all the leave entitlements after standing down the workers lawfully would go against the purposes of the move, primarily to secure the employers against any claims.

The Union of the Transport Workers has said that it is seeking to appeal for the decision as they have called it disappointing for all the workers from Qantas fighting grim illnesses along with their families who have been burdened with the worries of handling finances at such difficult times.

Michael Kaine, the national secretary of TWU said that this is all about justice for all the workers who have been fighting illnesses and must be permitted to draw down their sick leaves that have been secured after several years of hard work at Qantas.  


Source Credit- https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/health-safety/qantas-can-stop-paying-sick-leave-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/news-story/d1ab8863b1c10ba8624118c4f2253da9

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