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RANE acquires Stratfor to develop its geopolitical capabilities

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2020-02-06 

RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) announced the acquisition of Stratfor, an Austin-based prominent geopolitical intelligence platform. The acquisition will help RANE to provide an advanced suite of services for corporations and risk professionals. These services will help organizations and professionals to better identify, administer, and mitigate geopolitical risks across the world.

For the record, Stratfor has been offering geopolitical analysis and predictions of global trends to governments, individuals, and businesses for over 20 years. The geopolitical analysts in the company disinter evolving trends to decipher the importance of global events. They generate objective analysis and estimates to help clients in navigating their route through a complex international environment. 

The acquisition indicates RANE’s commitment towards investing in risk intelligence services and products to develop situational cognizance for emerging threats, drive better risk management results, and offer access to risk expertise & information effectively. The transaction also supports the recent news about its proprietary platform-based tool Global Risk Index and Dashboard that helps to analyze the drivers of country-level threat.

David Lawrence, the Founder, RANE, reportedly stated that these days risk professionals need updated insights for efficiently navigating a developing and complex global environment. The transaction strengthens the company’s aim to provide trusted information and analytical tools for proactively managing and mitigating threats, he further added. 

The geopolitical information and analysis of Stratfor will be soon available on RANE’s platform, where the company members can access an inclusive suite of tools and services.  These comprehensive services include unlawful intelligence derived from the collective knowledge of the RANE community, a global market of pre-screened risk specialist and service providers, and smart curation of market information and risk-relevant news.

In reference to the acquisition, a private equity firm Teakwood Capital based in Dallas has also invested in RANE.

However, the amount of the transaction has not been disclosed yet.


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