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Tesla unveils plans to start providing $2,500 infotainment upgrade

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2020-03-03 

Tesla, the California based electric vehicle and clean energy company, has reportedly announced plans to start offering an infotainment upgrade to owners of older Model X and Model S vehicles.

Tesla’s first generation infotainment units have slowed down and are also quite a few steps behind the second gen MCU of Tesla.

Several key software upgrades recently have also introduced a lot of new features requiring more computing power, which the older Tesla vehicles did not have. Some owners have also been requesting a way to upgrade the computer, which CEO Elon Musk stated is possible, but Tesla is not letting its service center to do it. 

The infotainment upgrade costs $2,500, excluding tax and installation charges, but owners would not be able to request it presently. Only people who are reached out to by Tesla would be offered the upgrade, beginning with people having Autopilot 2.5 hardware as well as the Full Self-Driving package, the upgrade would later be expanding to others.

The owners who would pay $2,500 to get the new computer would receive features like gaming which includes graphics-intense Tesla Arcade games such as Stardew Valley, Beach Buggy Racing 2, and Cuphead, along with gamepad compatibility. The entertainment feature enables video streaming and gives access to Hulu, Netflix, Twitch and YouTube through the Tesla Theater. It also adds Caraoke and TRAX.

The audio and music features display Bluetooth® media album art and also removes FM, AM and Sirius XM radio, but the car would still have access to music streaming and internet radio. The security feature records from all cameras for Sentry Mode and DashCam for cars with complete self-driving computer. Lastly it also bring support for 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

The owners would also receive it with improvements in performance with more responsive as well as smoother touchscreen and fast browsing with video playback as well as 3D rendering support.

Some features are further linked to $10-month premium connectivity package of Tesla, which most of the owners of older Model X and Model S already have.

Source credit: https://electrek.co/2020/03/02/tesla-mcu-infotainment-upgrade/

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