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U Mobile set to invest billions of ringgits in 5G network spectrum

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2020-01-20 

U Mobile Sdn Bhd, a telecommunication service provider based in Malaysia, has plans to invest a large sum of money/ringgits in 5G network development for next generation connectivity. The company has already spent RM300 million for future rollouts, which is anticipated to complete in the Q3 of 2020, including billing packages. Apart from these initiatives, several other investments have been planned for the 5G space.

Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile, emphasizes on various breakthrough services delivered by the usage of 5G, such as wireless streaming that allows louder, clearer, and faster visual or sound features. It also effectively enables data sharing at a faster pace. He further explained the need to make cost-effective billing packages, in order to serve customers’ need.

Recently, under the 5G live demonstration use cases, U Mobile unveiled 5 initiatives, following which Mr. Wong affirmed that the company is extensively focusing on the 5G spectrum despite being the youngest telco with relatively limited experience and infrastructure.

Mr. Wong is anticipating lower costs of 5G handsets (other handsets with average prices of nearly RM3,000), as other handset producers start to introduce their own 5G personal devices.

As per the current scenario, U Mobile centered its focus on four pillars of 5G use cases,  i.e. healthcare, e-sports, virtual tourism, and fixed wireless connection, by collaborating with 2 local start-up companies namely MEDCOM and DoctorOnCall, in addition to Taiwanese e-sports producer and Chinese telco infrastructure giant known as HTC Vive and ZTE Corp, respectively.

MEDCOM has unveiled a portable device that helps hospitals communicate with specialists during reported cases of complicated medical conditions, which enables faster delivery of services in real time and bridges the healthcare gap with 5G.

Additionally, the DOCpod booth allows quick visual interaction with doctors to prescribe medications to patients suffering from basic illness such as indigestion and flu, as well as tests blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat rate. Virtual tourism works the same way, allowing users to experience tourism products visually before opting for the physical experience.

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