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U.S. military to pour in USD 2 billion in next-gen AI projects

Author : Sunil Hebbalkar | Published Date : 2018-09-10 

The Pentagon research wing has reportedly stated that it would be investing USD 2 billion to create the next generation of artificial intelligence devices that boast of ‘human-like communication’ ability. The new smart machines referred to as ‘AI Next’ would escalate military potential and problem-solving ability.

According to Steven Walker, Director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the agency would utilize USD 2 billion to fund nearly 20 prevailing projects for the coming five years and would introduce new projects in the coming 12 months, in a quest for advanced level machine learning.

The director was quoted stating that the agency is investing hugely in research initiatives with intentions to transform computers from expert tools to associates in problem-solving. He added that the organization is ambitious about exploring Artificial Intelligence, where machines replicate human-like reasoning capabilities and communication, with a commendable ability to recognize and adapt to new situations and surroundings.

Walker further stated that researchers want machines to learn how to update themselves, as the present robots and smart machines are unable to be easily updated when a new technology makes an entry.

According to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the novel smart machines would be fabricated to help accelerate security clearance vetting or fast-tracked authorization of software systems.

Analysts apparently claim that a major part of DARPA’s research initiative, which is completely sponsored by the Pentagon’s research wing, would prominently focus on combat-related technologies, like drones that are getting highly autonomous day by day.

Another scope for the expenditure lies in DARPA’s Blackjack project, that intends to create a constellation of low orbit satellites which will be able to communicate with each another and would incessantly cover U.S. military operations.

According to Walker’s statement, under that project, DARPA will try to impart satellites with the ability to communicate and develop the corporate way of conduct.

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