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Woolworths reshuffles its senior management team, introduces new roles

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2020-09-09 

Woolworths has reportedly announced that it has shuffled its senior management team, rolling out numerous new roles that play a crucial role in highlighting the escalating significance of the company’s non-supermarket businesses.

The retailer has transferred Natalie Davis, its present Head of New Zealand Supermarkets to lead the company’s Australian Supermarkets division as part of its reshuffling decision. As per sources, Ms Davis has been in Woolworths since the year 2015 and is a former partner of McKinsey.

Reliable sources state that these moves signify the company’s ecosystem strategy for the transformation of the retail giant into an extensive ‘food and everyday needs’ enterprise.

The $47 billion Woolworths had advanced moves for effectively furthering this strategy, prior to the pandemic, state reports. These moves efficaciously comprise the sale of its petrol station division, the divestment of failed hardware chain Masters, and the presently delayed demerger of its drinks and hotels division, Endeavour.

Woolworths has also been in the process of creating its digital platforms via the establishment of its Cartology media business, the previous year. The company has also been focusing on the rebranding of its rewards platform and making investments in Longtail UX, an online advertising company.

Of late, the reshuffling announcement has resulted in the movement of Colin Storrie, Woolworths’ Managing Director of Group Portfolio, into a new role as the Head of New Business and Partnerships.

In addition, Ms Davis will be replacing Claire Peters, the present Supermarkets Managing Director, who has overseen the all-important division for a duration of three years. Ms Peters will be moving into a new role as the Managing Director of B2B and ‘Everyday Needs’ and will also be looking after Woolworths’ portfolio companies comprising Big W and Woolworth’s wholesale arms and international property.

Ms Peters will also be appointed as the steward of the retailer’s collaboration with the food service company PFD, provided Woolworths’ $500 million worth of acquisition of the company receives regulatory approval.


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